Thanks from Vegas 2009!

Dec 6 2009

Thanks to all of the People of the Foot who came out in person for the amazing last show of the year last night here in Vegas, and also all of you who tuned in online to join us at soundcheck and chat along! Congratulations to Dan Bolton for winning the fan video upload contest (he'll be receiving his signed Chickenfoot guitar and swag pack in the mail!). And thanks to Jason Bonham for sitting in for an amazing encore of Rock 'N Roll (with Chad on guitar!), not to mention the group participation drum mayhem at the end!

We'll see you soon!

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Guys, Studio Jam more often because 'Down The Drain' ROCKS!

When will Chickenfoot come here in New Jersey? I'm so tired of waiting for an official tour. I could write countless essays and I could still not attend Chickenfoot's official gigs. Dad also wanted to come with me but, what can I do? Hope the band performs here in NJ sooner than later?

I love you guys! Sometimes I even put you in my homework. I hope you will rock Vegas again in 2010. I know people there who watched your previous show and feedbacks are definitely good. They also put you in their or blogs online to show love! Well good luck to you guys for the new decade! happy new year. God Bless

OK....I received the guitar and swag pack in the mail yesterday. I'll need a few more days to calm down so I can post something articulate about it all. All I can say right now is...OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hands-down the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen or played!! Just incredible!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I will post more about it tomorrow or early next week and will of course post many photos soon. THANK YOU CHICKENFOOT for giving me the best, most incredible Christmas present imaginable!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Freakin' awesome! I waited for the album as soon as the group was announced. Got the album and was blown away - party band meets funk band meets guitar god. Really nothing like it. I waited for the US Road Test tour and sadly, living in the DC area, no shows were close enough that I could get to with my schedule. Then came the announcement for the Joint at The Hard Rock. I'm going! Get on your bad motor scooter (airplane) and ride. There really aren't any words to describe how much fun that was and how good this band is. Top-notch musicians with serious chemistry. Just unbelievably good. I've seen quite a few shows at the Joint ('cause I like to gamble). This was the best hands down, no question. Rock hard, rock long and power to The Foot!


What an incredible show!!! Being a newlywed couple, my wife and I shot over from Hawaii to celebrate our Honeymoon by catching Chickenfoot at the Joint! Show was better than we could've ever imagined!

The audience was completely in tuned and all of Joe's blazing riffs, Michael's ground-n-pound bass, Sammy's banshee vocals and Chad's 'thunder godness' drum fills is exactly what the doctor ordered... congrats guys on an incredible show and we hope there are more tour dates announced for next year (hint-hint).

Aloha, Cheers & Beers..

P & S

So I was wondering who won The Sexy Little Thing" contest.

INCREDIBLE SHOW IN VEGAS!!! Thanks for Rockin' the Joint! Looking forward to hearing more Chickenfoot music and catching another show on future outings. The ultimate show was topped off when I met Chad in the Hard Rock Casino - One of the coolest guys I've met. I am a bit leary about introducing myself to celebrity's out of fear of being disappointed, but I had to say thanks for the great show and he was as nice as could be...thanks Chad! Also, I was standing down front - great seats and only had a lousy cell phone video camera, but I got a cool video of the's the you tube link...
Keep Rockin and Thanks again!

Don't forget to post your video! Click "Profile" and then "Add Video" :}

Anyone who was at the Meet & Greet who didn't receive the URL to their photo yet please email and we'll direct you there :}

Wow! What a show. It has to be the best concert I have been to by far....and that includes VH, sorry boys Chickenfoot just blew you out of the water!! The joint was awesome, and I loved seeing Chad walking around in the casino afterwards, not to mention meeting Michael Anthony in the bar for some photo opps!! I think I am still awe struck because I haven't stopped thinking about it yet?? I can't wait for next year to do it all over agian......OH YEA!!!!

It was a true night to remember ! Catching Sammy and the boy's the night before at the Cantia...Priceless !

Wow that was the best show and the best venue I have ever seen. What a treat! You guys rock so much! Seeing Jason up there, and Chad playing guitar was phenomenal. Like Sammy said, Joe was perfect, as always. It was awesome seeing you guys have so much fun and creating such a great environment for us crazy fans! Happy Holidays to the incredible members and awesome fans of the "Foot"! What a great way to finish out an awesome year! Here's to more music next year!

Can you please send me a link to the meet and greet photos also - I have not received it yet

First off I want to congratulate Dan on winning the fan video contest! He's a great friend and dedicated fan! Way to go Dan!! Look forward to that party you promised...LOL!

I also want to thank Chickenfoot for the live broadcast so those of us who couldn't be there, were able to be a part of was so cool to have that 'live chat' going before, during and just after the broadcast!! Great way to end an amazing tour! Can't wait for the next one!

~Darlene [/|\]


Talk about a fantastic show!!! OMG, the guys sounded great! You could tell they were really happy to be jamming together again. The "drum mayhem" was crazy, I think all the guys participated in that.

The stage lighting at The Joint is awesome as was the sound quality. The whole venue was nice. Being at the soundcheck was really cool. Sammy came out with an ice bag on his head saying that Vegas was worse than Cabo! That was pretty funny. They were all joking around and having fun.

Can't wait for the next tour!! Bring it on guys, this Washington girl is ready to ROCK with the Foot again!

Rock on,

I am with you on that Michelle! It was an awesome show!

Looks like you made it home okay. I thought about you when I was at the airport, hoping you'd made it on time! lol Thanks for hangin' with us and having a total blast at the Cantina. Can't wait to see ya in Tahoe (yes, you'll be there)!!

Rock on,


Awesome guys...

Wish I was there.

And Dan has already promised me the guitar, so don't bother asking him.... :)

Hahahaha LOL.


I bought the meet and greet package but never recieved an email as to where the meet and greet photos would be made available. Any help would be great! Amazing show it was everything I hoped it would be and more. can't wait for the new DVD or album! And of course thanks to all the fans who made the weekend complete!

I'll send you an email with details :}

Hi - I was at the Meet & Greet as well and would love it if you could let me know where to find the group photos too.

What an amazing weekend - meeting Sammy, Joe, Chad, & Mikey; having the SINGLE best seat in the house for the show (front row right in front of Sammy's mic stand!), going to soundcheck, partying at the Cantina Thursday and Friday nights, and managing to knock out a sub-2hr half marathon Sunday morning after days of debauchery and Cabo Wabo consumption. Nothing could have made it better!!! Thanks guys for pulling out all the stops!

Eric from Vancouver

Thanks Eric!! You guys definitely helped make my first, but not my last, Sammy weekend kickass!! Debbie (Cali)

Can you send me details too? Thanks!!

Thanx for letting us all join in on the soundcheck and meet and greet online. It was pretty cool. Congrats to Dan Bolton. What a prize!!!!!!!