May 24, 2009
The Mod Club Theatre
Toronto, ON CA
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Awesome show. Sammy's biggest St. Louis fan here. ST. LOUIS IN THE HOUSE!!!! Great small venue show. We arrived early as usual. Talked with Dugie, Three, Rich and Paulie. Opened with Avenida Revolution. Lots of energy especially for being only the 6th show. As usual Sammy was on point. The addition of Chad and Joe to this pair is AWESOME!!

I was very excited to see this show only after hearing a song or two, but the buzz was there. BIG BAND in a tiny venue. I arrived at the Mod Club in Toronto on Sunday, May 24th at high noon to stake my place in line. After waiting 7 hours in the heat...thank God for the truck outside on the street which blocked alot of the sun, I was in. While waiting in line, a roadie gave me a CHICKENFOOT guitar pic which made the wait worth while. Doors opened and I rushed to the front of the stage. Finally, CHICKENFOOT hit the stage and blasted into Avenida Revolution. It was a powerful, loud, amazing show. The guys looked like they enjoyed playing with each other and fed off the energy of the crowd. This was the 6th show of the tour and the guys played like it was the 666th show of the tour. They played all the songs off the album and a few others and I am already looking forward to the return of the FOOT in August at the Sound Academy in Toronto, where I will be front and centre with my CHICKENHEAD t-shirt on, which finally arrived after waiting 7 weeks. I shot some video which is on you tube and drop me an email @ if you want to see some cool pics of Sammy, Joe, Michael and Chad. Dont miss the return of the FOOT !!!!