May 22, 2009
Park West
Chicago, IL
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It was fabulous. It was my birthday. It couldn't have been cooler! PLUS, some high-roller who didn't want his premium package Magic 8Ball gave it to me!

I came into possession of a bootleg recording a few months later only to discover some pretty bad harmonies had been buried in the volume. Michael must not have been hearing his monitors correctly.

Your comments are well recieved, and they are read. Thanks waycool for your "shout out". This tour is rocking, even with a broken WING (chad) which happened in Paris. Your shirts are on there way. Hey to Rodney for us. Keep posting your reviews enjoy reading them. Diane

WOW!! Better than I had expected.

I had watched a couple of YouTube’s of prior shows and they do no justice to the real thing. They sounded absolutely awesome!!!

My daughter and I were able to get within 1 person from the stage on Mikey's side. The girl in front of my daughter had to leave for a rest break and then a couple min later Sam is right over by us singing and my daughter got to shake his hand, made her night!

These guys were having fun and putting out some serious kick ass tunes.
You can tell these guys are truly having fun playing together.

Joe - you could really hear things that don't pick up well in the vids, all those little things he does with the guitar. Just great, solid playing all the way with a heavy fat ass tone!

Chad this guy is a total card and a superb drummer, just incredible. Lot of fun to watch play.

Mikey - the energy and stage presence Mike brings was certainly missed by me on the last VH tour. He really brings a lot to this band, not to mention his backing vocals which we all know so well.

Sammy - brought the vocals and of course he knows how to work the crowd well!

Guess the main thing I would say is, see these guys LIVE. The energy and fun is just something that HAS to be experienced!! There is no way you can get the feel of this juggernaut from pics or vids!

My daughter and I had a blast and will remember this for a long time!

One of the last songs was Future in the Past, that kind of sums up this band. The future is new music and the past is the hard rocking sound and show feeling that you got from the '70's and '80s shows; it's like taking a trip to the past with all new songs. It felt like it did back then going to see a rock concert - the energy and music!! GO SEE THEM THIS FALL!!!

Having waited for the record to come out, I believe now more than before that what was witnessed by the few who got to see any of the nine road test dates witnessed magic. I had the privilege of going to the Park West with a great friend of 36 years, RODNEY!! We were blown away of how good these guys are together. I have been going to Sammy and VH shows since 1980 and have never been disappointed but was still amazed at how good these guys rocked together. Not knowing any of the songs can sometimes make for a wait and see show. None of that at the Park West, amazing performance, the whole place was rockin. Shame on the post that said Mikey is a great 12th man. I believe that he is the starting right winger, none of it works if he isn't stellar, Michael kicks ass. What a treat Chad is, other than him being a Red Wings fan and provoking the crowd, I still think he rocks, what a sense of humor, refreshing. I will say, take it easy on the Blackhawks bashing, you don't have to be with us, but you better not be against us!!I had not had the privilege of seeing Joe play live prior to the Park West and shame on me, I am sure I missed some spectacular performances, phenomenal musician, great songs, thank you Joe. Then there is Sammy, as said before been going to see Sammy since 1980 and the man is ageless, amazing the energy he has. Thank You Chickenfoot for writing, creating and performing your music, the musical world is a better place because of it. I also had the good fortune of meeting Diane who works with the band, a very nice person, I hope the band realizes what a treasure they have in this member of their company, keep up the great attitude and hospitality, Thank You Diane. For all those reading this that did not get to see Chickenfoot, do yourself a favor and go, it is more than worth it, These guys know how to rock and they bring it. Sincerely, Michael K

They rocked! I really enjoyed the show. Having never heard the new album except for a few snippets here and there, I wasn't sure if I was going to like all of the music but Chickenfoot blew me away. It truly was a supergroup. The mastery each person has of their instrument and their stage presence was really phenomenal and I liked their music -- good ol' rock and roll. It was cool seeing these guys in such a small venue. You can get closer to the stage at the Park West than you can at many other venues so the show was really up close and personal. Can't wait to see them again in August at the Chiago Theater.

Hearing most of the songs I knew what to expect song wise but to see the boys live they live up to their billing everyone pulling their weight and then some. Mikey is a great 12th man off the bench a great asset to any band meaning if everything is going to hell you don't need to worry about Mikey. Joe is the one that made my ears ring all night in a GOOD WAY! What else can be said he knows how to play his instrument and all the different sounds he made during every song rocked. Chad is the one that if you took him out of the band and put another drummer in there it would not be Chickenfoot. He pounds the skins with a mighty force. Last but not least Sammy 61 years young and was screaming like a toddler lol his voice strong, clear and just always has the passion in his voice no matter what he is singing. All four of them indeed playing like a band that had been together forever. It was a good LOUD Rocking night for someone like me who grew up in the 80's that is my kind of music.

Song wise we all have our faves more then others Bitten by the wolf sounded better last night then the youtube stuff I saw from others shows maybe Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy had stopped by karmaically and helped the boys out putting some Chicago Blues into the song. Get it up, Turnin Left, and for me Sexy little thing I need to hear the rest of the words to get a full feel for. When Sammy had introduced My kind of Girl it was touching in how he was inspired by having one of, Samantha's playmates come over who had a single mom. Some of the lyrics in the song where let's just say different meaning I think I was expecting him to sing more about the relationship about the mom and child then mom's life but until I hear the rest of the song that's my take but none the less a great ode to All single moms. Learning to Fall another fave and one of Sammy's magical performances when lyrics, music, passion in his voice and feeling when people hear it a song that never leaves one's soul. Future in the Past this IS MY FAVE knowing about 98% of those words it's one of the songs that is one of Sammy's gifts of being a musician his continual positive inspiration and always gives someone a good feeling after hearing it. Overall, I was glad to be a part of last nights intimate evening and now like everyone else just waiting for the CD to come out. Four Shows left if you have the chance GO! You will not be disappointed.

what a great show, it was the return of the red rocker, whos been in hiding for about 5 years
no f**king around on stage just rocking, and smoke is a monster.
cant wait for london.