May 29, 2009
Philadelphia, PA
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Not just from my experience, check out all the fan pics, these guys ROCK & Have fun at their shows - BUT - READ ON!

We went down to the TLA, and since we got the VIP pack, so we got to go in early, listed at 6:15. They kept moving the time back that we could enter, so people were getting a little restless, but we got to meet and talk to some great fans! We got our VIP pack (T-shirts and magic 8-ball) and went back in line. Got to go in about 6:55. Ran down front and center, next to two super fans – the woman had been to the show in NYC the night before. We had a GREAT group of people hanging out with us in the frony few rows, it was cool.

We waited until about 8:30 – and the opening act came on. A guy named Dennis, singing the blues and playing acoustic guitar. (Dave had seen him walking down South Street when he was waiting for me to get there). People kept yelling “Everybody Must Get Stoned” as he looked a bit like Bob Dylan! So he finished, to a round of cheers (I think because he was finished, but he was ok, blusey!) and they set up the stage for Chickenfoot.

Out comes Chad Smith, Michael Anthony, and Joe Satrini, and they start jamming, and then Sammy runs out and they rocked! Awesome! Anyway, I wont walk you through each song, but it ROCKED! And we were close enough to touch the band! Anyway – they told stories about some of the songs, really connected with the audience. The drummer, Chad Smith, was throwing drum sticks out to everyone. I was directly in front of him, and he mouthed asking if I wanted one (he did this to a few people, NOT just me!) – I waved my arms, mouthed yes (No clue if he saw that! - there was no hearing over everything) and he threw one at me, someone grabbed it, threw a bunch more one right after the other, and the guy next to me got one and gave it to me. Thanks guy-next-to-me!

Anyway, since I had come from work, I had my sweatshirt tied around my waist, wallet dangling from my work ID from my waist, I was a mess! BUT – I didn’t want to put the stick down because they were a hot commodity, as you can imagine! And they have Chad Smith’s name on them, very cool! So anyway, I put it in my cleveage, not thinking anything, really, I figured all the girls in the front row looked like that. So Sammy made mention of it, and Michael Anthony threw a pic in my shirt, too funny! And Chad Smith not only asked me to be his personal “Stick Holder”, but came from behind the drums to help me on stage! WOW WOW WOW WOW!! How F’N cool, things like this just don’t happen to me!

There is video on youtube, I hope this link or embedded video works. Michael Anthony came over to high-five me, but I wasn’t sure if he was gonna high-five me or shake my hand, so I ended up looking like I was going to attack him! ACK! Sorry Michel, It was just way too cool for me to handle! Joe Satriani – it was amazing watching him play, his fingers all over the place and the sound was so crisp! HE ROCKS! Sammys vocals were right on, and Michal Anthony had an amazing bass line that really stood out for one song in particular, I didn’t know who to watch! No need to mention my new favorite drummer, Chad-Freekin-Smith! And to sit next to CHAD SMITH?? Oh-My-Freekin-God – that was AMAZING!!

Three, the guy who normally helps Chad, was keeping up with the sticks like a CHAMP! He was at one point just trying to find some that he had thrown to hand to me, we were going through them fast! Thank you Three – I cant believe you kept up, I don’t know who was laughing more on stage out of all of us!!

Anyway thank you guys for a AMAZING concert experience! I will be in AC, so if Chad needs a “Stick Holder”, just let me know!!! LOL!! XOXO Camille “Stick-Holder”

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I'm glad to see you post here. That was a really cool thing that happened to you. I'm also glad that Chad recognized you in Atlantic City. I was hoping for a reprise, but I guess it wasn't in the cards.

Philly was the better of the two shows I saw and I credit the Philly audience 100%. We were loud and everybody had a blast.

The Philly show was a rock show party!
The guys were up there playing like this was their 5th album not their first.
Hat's off to all the Philly fan's that came out in force, waited in the rain and gave back all of the incredible energy the band sent out to the crowd.
The band/fan interaction really personalized the show and made it memorable and special.
Sammy's voice is just as good as when he was twenty.
Mike's a bass players' bass player and his harmonies with Sammy are astounding.
Joe is well, G-GOD....Eddy who?
Chad is a not just a drummer he's a complete showman from start to finish and the acknowledged inventor of the sexiest drumstick holder in the business! I hope a video surfaces of this soon.

Sammy had a lot to say about their desire to play the small clubs to directly connect with the fans and to work their way up to the amphitheaters and arena's.
From what I saw last night, they will be filling arena's by their 3rd album.
What I like most about this band is evident on the stage. They are all Equal in talent, showmanship, and desire to be doing what they are doing. This really shows in the performance as there is no isolated focus on the front man and no upstaging egos between band members. All of these guys were individually successful before this band but they perform as a brand new group. The music is fresh, exciting and the show is plain and simple hard rock and roll just like mom used to bake. After hearing the entire album front to back I hope that these guys NEVER play a van halen song onstage. They don't need that. They are onto something much bigger then VH here and once they have 2 or 3 albums to play they can put on a full length cover free show with some of the best rock and roll to come down the pipeline in 20 years.

I've seen the future of rock and roll and it is Chickenfoot.

When I first heard about this band awhile back I called my good friend Dino and told him that when and if they tour that we were going. Him and I go see shows together several times a year. The last one we went together to see was Joe Satriani in Baltimore. His wife Christine and another friend of ours Brad went along that night too. They were very impressed with that show, and when they heard about this new Chickenfoot endeavor they both wanted in too. So it was us 4 again along with my old friend Todd all packed in the Blazer motoring down the Turnpike to Philly. Everyone was asking questions like "So what do they sound like"..."Do you think they will be any good seeing that this is only the 10th time they ever played live".. stuff like that...I just kept saying "Trust me, this is going to be the best show you will see this year". I had a feeling as soon as I saw that our show was the last one of the "Test Tour" that we were in for something special. I was right....The band sounded as if they have been playing together for 20 years was my first comment after the show I recall. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for a good hour or so I bet. In fact everytime I would look around at people in the crowd all I saw were people smiling and having a good time.
We walked in and I began my search as I always do for "the sweet spot" while there was still room to move around, and I found it. Everyone else in our group were at another spot with a better view, but by listening to the pre-show music my spot was by far the better place to be. After a little negotiating one by one they all ended up with me and everyone agreed it was the correct choice.
For some weird reason most of the songs they played that night felt as though I knew them forever. And we all know no one ever heard them before. I caught myself singing along to many of them and I just don't get lyrics much at all until I heard an album a few times. I get the same feeling every time I listen to the CD too now. Now I know I have heard the songs a few times now since the show, but the whole feel of the album gives me that feeling that they have been here forever and its not a new band. I mean that in a good way too...not that they sound just like another band or any band any of them have been in before (although you can hear some similarities at times). It just feels right!
Anyway to wrap this up.. The one incident of the show that had everyone laughing was when Chad invited the girl on stage because he needed a "stick holder" her cleavage held drum sticks better than any women I ever saw before. Could be because that was the first one I ever saw now that I think about it. But she did a fine job keeping them stocked in abundant supply for Chad who for some reason was dropping and thowing more sticks than usual but never missed a beat while grabbing a new one from the "dispenser". :)
I hope to see much more from this band in the future and I wish I was going to Pittsburgh to see them but that's a bit to far to drive for me. Hint hint guys! Do another Philly or better yet a Harrisburg show!
Only other thing I could ask for from this band is to allow a taping section at future shows.