Jun 23, 2009
Live at the Marquee (solo show)
Cork, Ireland
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I drove from Dublin to Cork in the afternoon, same day. I've met my friend Denise and we were there. Sunny day, good craic, great show and I've got the Argentinian flag Sammy had on his mic. Can't wait to see them again anytime soon in Dub or any Ireland city/town!!!

Drove for 5 hours just for the gig, wz so glad i did. The Foot brought Cork down the drain! I was 6ft from the stage, front row infront of Joe who was amazing. Absolutly love the touch of Deep Purple too, yyou guys should record Highway Star!

Drove the length of the country, was so glad I did. What an excellent gig!! & a superb album. As usual Joe was world class. More please!!

was at the gig drove for 3 hours there and 3 hours back home after gig, but so worth it i thought the show was a classic rock show,the guys were in great form and they interacted with the crowd brilliantly and made some new fans along the way, looking forward to them coming back, oh and did i mention these boys rock!!!

This show was old school rock'n'roll at it's finest.Both the crowd and the guys enjoyed themselves and i hope they return to cork soon

Drove 2 hours to Dublin and took a flight to Cork . Well worth the journey . Absolutely fantastic to see the guys live . Sound was a bit off , due to being in a big tent but I loved the gig with the band looking as if they really enjoyed themselves .

The guys said they would be back so hopefully a gig in Dublin / Belfast in the future .