Jun 25, 2009
Shepherd's Bush Empire (solo show)
London, UK
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Never before have I seen a band where I hadn't heard (much) or seen anything of them blow me away so completely. From that droning note for the intro until Highway Star we were mesmerised, and left hungry for more. Yes I saw Chad nearly kill Sammy (Have you recovered yet?)
Please please tell me when you are coming back. Because I know a hell of a lot of people I know were insanely jealous I got a ticket when others didn't. The UK has a massive following for Chickenfoot and yet only managed one show... bad for the fans bad for the band... there is a huge void that needs to be filled.

Please, please buck the trend of all other Supergroups and make a second, third, fourth album and tour properly again.

A great show, really enjoyed Highway star and Bad Motor Scooter, but my favourite from the night was Sexy little Thing and Get it up is a great live track, it was good to see some U.K redheads Peter From Denmark made the Trip and Donny from Texas, a great Night. hope its not too long before a rerun.

what an amazing in night it was i was right at the front was incredible to see the band so close up they rocked the house,sammy slapped my hand on down the drain and gave me chads batterd drum stick, i now have a dvd recording of the full show filmed in hd from the balcony, so i can watch it over and over. i want to thank sammy, mike ,chad ,and joe for coming over waited so many years for the return of sammy and mike to the uk, hope one day they return to the uk chickenfoot rocks, so clad i got to see the mighty foot up close and personal, any one want to see all my pics from the day outside and in check out chickenfoot facebook fan pics, hope they get back home safe and sound and get to record a second album.

Yes it was a great night, Any chance of a copy of the Video

sure send me your adress and i will send you one its simply awesome to keep as a reminder of what an amazing night it was rock on till the next time CHICKENFOOT ROCKS

Hi could you send me a copy of the chickenfoot show at sheapards bush it was ana amazing show and just want to be able to relive it :)
thanks john

Absolutley footing brilliant, beat gig i`ve been to.

right at the front against the barrier in front of joes pedal board and joe only a couple of meters away.

posted a more comprehensive review on satriani.com

waited a long long time to see sammy and mike back here and teamed up with satch and chad(aka animal from the muppets)it was well worth it. awesome cannot begin to describe the show. 4 guys enjoying the ride and a full house riding shotgun. hurry back we need more.

i really enjoyed chicago, but london was awsome, these guys have gelled, london is a red rocker kind of town, chicago wa more of a cabo sammy feel, lets hope the return of the red rocker continues, had to laugh when chad fell off the bass drum glad he wasnt seriously hurt, joe smokes in a band setting,then at the end when chad channelled keith moon turning over the drum kit, please post some photos on the site, see you in detroit

Shepherds Bush Empire
What a show!
The whole place was buzzing i thought the roof was gonna come off the place!
When you said that you were looking forward to feeding off of the fans energy you were not kidding.
only problem is Chad went a bit hyper ended up falling over cutting his arm and nearly knocked sammy out
with a drum he sent skywards!
you gotta get control of Chad,put him in a cage and throw him some raw meat or something.
its been a long time since i have seen a performance with such passion,energy and enthusiasm
well done to the lads for making it such a special night(which was also my wedding anniversary)
a night to remember for a long time!
Please get yourselves back to England sometime soon,YOU GUYS ROCK!

Fantastic show on Thursday night. The place was rocking right from the first chords and Sammy and the boys took it to another level.

The songs were great and they were played with skill and joie de vivre. It was a delight to see a band enjoying playing so much. I refuse to believe that Sammy is as old as the websites say he is. Anyone who performs like that has to be of alien extraction and is destined to be around forever. Chad was awesome behind his kit, a real tour-de-force. He and Mike were a supreme rhythm section. Mikey was having a ball as well. Have we ever seen him play so well?

Satch revelled in the band situation and it was a joy to behold him unleashed like this. I really hope we get to see them hit our shores again.

Thanks for a great gig, guys. One that will live long in the memory.

And thanks to Mike, who I met later back at my hotel and had a brief chat with. A true gent.

What a wonderful night. As a Satriani fan i was looking forward to see someone take the strain. And did they.

Joe seems to love being in a group. It was all out rock from start to finish. The group were tight,fun and reacted to the crowd who loved it. Chad,Mike,Sammy and Joe Please COME BACK TO ENGLAND SOON. 10/10

from the opening riff of avenida revolution to the closing drum throwing on sammy's head of highway star this was a night that will live long in my memory. 4 awesome musicians doing what they do best. everybody looks like they are having so much fun doing it too.

mikey was all smiles and his amazing cannonmouth harmonies were spot on; it was great to actually hear his bass too unlike on some of the van halen records - joseph shredded licks from beginning to end effortlessly and makes playing the guitar look so damn easy - sammy is a living legend in my opinion and his trademark screams and powerful voice defy belief live in person - and chadley smith hits the drums harder than anyone i have heard and is a mental monster up there.

thank you for coming over. can't wait for the return of the foot. how's the head, samster?

Fellow people of the Foot, what a gig at the Bush! Great sound, great playing...Sam on top form (or Samster as Andy Johns calls him), Chad falling off his drum stool in the style of Tap's Mick Shrimpton and Joe and Mike playing like it was the last gig of their lives. Best news was that they're coming back to the UK soon. Can't wait, long live The Foot!