(HD) Highway Star - Chickenfoot (Deep Purple Cover) and Sammy's Injury :'(

I have mulitple videos of Chickenfoot live at Shepards Bush, but I am uploading this Deep Purple cover because it is the only full song recording I have. It was easily one of the best gigs I've been to!!! Chads drummin was so tight and Satch's guitar playin was inspiring! Sammys vocals were very well delivered and Micheal really rocked out :) Avenida Revolution made me feel really good when I heard it. I knew from then on it was going to be a great evening. Chickenfoot fan for life :)

Also, due to Chad's hyperactivity, one of his drums hits Sammy in the head at the end of the video. Looked pretty darn painful!

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Forgot to say there is a

Forgot to say there is a really good shot of Satch's solo. The man is a god :)