Aug 05, 2009
The Sound Academy
Toronto, ON CA
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I was there, and I'm still blown away by how good this show was. I got to meet the guys backstage and they were all awesome. These guys put the "New Van Halen's" concert to shame.
And I still haven't washed the shirt that touched SAMMY FREAKING HAGAR!!!

Come back to Toronto guys!!!!!!!

Awesome show!!!!! Who would expect any different?? 4 veterans who know how to Rock. I have seen all perform
before except Mr Smith! We weren't disappointed! being big fans of all other work by everyone. We could not
go to the Mod club show as our 13 year old was with us so this was great! We are all people of the foot!!

AHHHH...once again, totally blown away by the FOOT last night here in Toronto @ the Sound Academy. The boys were in fine form and it was an incredible show. I had tickets for TOOL last night also but I wanted to see CHICKENFOOT again and I am thrilled I made the right choice. Hope to see you again in the future guys. For folks who want to see some pretty sweet pics, go to I also posted one video, the opener Avenida Revolution @

Excellent Show!
Great opening act, followed by an amazing performance by the 'Foot!!!
Real Rock and Roll, keep up the good work!
Already looking foreward to a second installment to the Chickenfoot Saga!!!
Rock On!