Aug 07, 2009
Chicago Theatre
Chicago, IL
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Traveled from Dayton OH to Chicago to see you guys. You should come to Dayton on your next tour.... you'll certainly see a sellout there!

Thank God Rock and Roll is alive. There was no album I listend to more this summer. The show was awesome and I am glad that they stuck to the album and let it and them stand on their own without relying on their past bands. I cannot wait for the follow up. You have a fan for life! Jam on! Chris

I know my comments are late in the reviews but better late than never! I was there and the guys rocked!! I was at both shows in Chicago, and they are awesome!! Way to go Joe! What a great combination of talent!!!!!

I wasn't at the show in Chicago, and from the reviews, it sounds like they rocked everywhere not just Chicago. I wouldn't expect anything but hard jammin' by any of the guys. I'm anxious to see them when they come to St. Louis, and they will. Sammy would never pass us up.

A truly amazing live performance. Besides the obvious mountain of talent that stood together on that stage, there were four musicians having the time of their life doing what they love and playing with pure passion and conviction which you could feel radiating from the stage. Joe played possessed, Michael and Chad were like a freight train together and Sammy's vocals? It would suffice to say that Sammy is the BEST ROCK SINGER IN HISTORY. In addition, Sammy and Michael's harmonies are like an instrument all their own. The sound at the Chicago Theater was perfect and wonderfully LOUD as a rock show of this caliber should be. I must say that Chad is hilarious. At one point in the beginning of the show, he tells the people sitting in the balcony: "Hey you up there – get of your asses! We're rockin' our nuts off down here!" Then, at the end of the show as Joe is filming the crowd with his camcorder, Chad grabs the camera shoves it down his pants. I hope Chickenfoot keeps making music together for a long time to come. Modern Rock Music needs bands like this to remind us of what it is all about: Having fun, writing good music, kicking ass live and most importantly, not taking yourself too seriously. Thank God for this band. LONG LIVE THE FOOT!!!

If you weren't there.... then you should have stuck your head out the window and listened!!!! You could have still heard that show 2 states away!!! I couldn't agree more with one of the other comments on this board that said they were surprised Chicago Theatre didn't collapse, these guys flat rocked from beginning to end!! I've mostly been a VH fan and had one of Joe's albums but all of these four guys together is almost more than one can stand. Chad, besides working the drums like a maniac, is a total riot! And seeing Joe live was more than anyone could ask for! I have missed seeing Sammy and Mike because they ALWAYS rocked and seemed to have a good time when they were on stage with VH, and with the 'FOOT" they all definitley had fun doing it that night!! I didn't want to leave when the show finally closed and if I could have blown off my other plans on Saturday I would have gone to Detroit!

Thank You Chickenfoot for an AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME concert!!!!!

I hope they put out a DVD too but nothing will be like being at the show.

This show KICKED ASS from start to finish! Sammy's vocals were spot on ever song, Joe's licks were "Vintage" Joe, Michael's booming bass and HIGH backing vocals were there every song and Chad pounded the shit out of his kit and donated 4 trees worth of wood by throwing sticks in the crowd all night long! Bad Motor Scooter for an encore was the perfect way to finish the night. Best ROCK show I've seen in some time!

GREAT performance last night at Chicago Theatre! The band sounded awsome and had great energy. Things I've come to expect seeing Sammy. It was a pleasure finaly getting to see Satriani. One of the greatest guitar players ever. The opening band was unbelievable, Dave Knowles I think. I cant seem to find him on the internet.

Check out this link. Davy Knowles and the back door slam. Davy Knowles is one talented young man and has a bright future in the music industry. I will definately be following him.

The show was GREAT! New twist on Bitten by the Wolf, no double neck but an acoustic on a stand and Chad out front with mobile bass drum and shaker. Band was excited about being back in America. Not only has Joe switched to Marshalls but so has Sammy. Chicago Theatre is unique, great place to see a show. The $335 backstage tour was cool but ended by exiting out into an alley requiring to wait in line a second time to see the show. Going to Detroit next.... I'll let you know if it's any better. Mark from Indy.

I am surprised the Chicago Theatre is still standing after that rockin' Chickenfoot show Friday night! The Foot played the album with some neat twists on Bitten by the Wolf, and great jams on Down the Drain, Oh Yeah, and Soap on A Rope. The Foot added some great teasers as well...Hendrix and The Surfaris were briefly jammed with Foxy Lady and WipeOut. The encore was really special with The Foot playing Bad Motor Scooter (Montrose) and Highway Star (Deep Purple). Smokin' Joe sounded even better than one could imagine...unreal guitar licks all night long from the greatest guitarist on the planet! Mike Anthony crushed his bass all night long...even brought out his vintage VH JackDaniels Bass! Smith probably had to go straight to the Chiropractor after his thunderous....hammering chops! Unreal how that guy can power drum like that. Sammy sounded terrific, was really cool to see him break out the Les Paul and jam with Joe and Mikey. Truly a great show that I would see again in a heartbeat. The Foot should film one of their concerts and put it on HDnet or DVD, for fans in cities like St.Louis that did not get the opportunity to see The Foot live. It is a special show by a band of special musicians that made the Grammy winning Rock Album of the year!

This is what rock and roll should be. Loud, fun, and great musicians truly enjoying what they are doing.

If you can only attend 1 show this year make it this one.

I hope we see more music for years to come because I am hooked.

Please come back soon.


Great f-ing show. Sammy and Michael were great as always. Satrini made me forget about Eddie and holey shit what a powerful drummer Chad is. Had to leave before the encore to catch a train. Does anybody know what the encore songs were???

waycool, don't dissapointmnet me. Looking forward to your review. "Momma of the FOOT" D.