Aug 08, 2009
The Fillmore Detroit
Detroit, MI
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Wow...What a fantastic show, and great venue. 30 + years of attending many shows in Detroit, never been @ State/Fillmore prior. What a see 4 such great musicians, with in 6 feet of the stage. You truly appreciate their incredible talent. Sammy was more intense vocally than Van Halen, and played some screaming guitar licks at the end, during "Bad Motor Scooter/Highway Star". For him, at his age, to just wail away vocally/110% for 2 hrs is incredible.
Joe Satriani is a guitar wizard...incredible sound & style. Sounds even better than Eddie VH/behind Sammy.
Everyone knows what a great bassist Mike Anthony is...but in this lineup he showed a much grander stage presence, bouncing around, sharing mic w Sammy on many background vocals.
Chad Smith, I had only heard of, not being a Chili Peppers fan. Man, what a powerful drummer. He played with a vengeance...ala John Bonham. The bottom line is, this quartet has created a sound & chemistry that is incredible. They played the entire CD, except RUNNIN OUT. It's a rare case, of EVERY SONG, being a top notch number. You won't skip anything on the CD. GET IT UP, though is the highlight both on the CD and live, with unparalled vocal & guitar intensity. I wish this had happened 10 years ago...and that these guys stick around for many more tours & new music. By the looks & sound of their performance @ Fillmore...they surely could.

The boys jammed.....however, WHAT HAPPENED TO RUNNIN OUT??????? I thought this was going to be the first show involving Sammy in years, that I heard only music he has, they play Highway Star instead of the great jam on the new CD like Runnin Out! One encore in Chad's home town..expected a bit more!

Just when I thought what could give me the real rock n roll goosebumps that i've gotten from so many concerts over the years and watching Sammy with VH in the 80's at Pontiac's Monster of Rock show. Especially when you played Eagles Fly on acustic. Well it was worth the trek from London,Ontario to see 4 master's come together so tight at one of the best venues I've ever seen a show! The Fillmore was perfect and reminded me of what it would have been like seeing the great shows, like Zepplin, or Clapton in the 70's. Great CD boys! You played it to a T, and the encores kicked Ass! My buddy didnt believe Sammy would pass as a great frontman until he saw you Saturday night. I turned him into a believer. As for Micheal Anthony, you are the best backup harmonizer period! Joe and Chad fit right in! We agreed it was in our top 5 for great times!

The Filmore is a great venue to hear a concert. Small with great acoustics. No big surprise the band sounded friggin awesome and played a killer rocking set- with an attitude of fun (Chad used the bosoms of a well endowed blonde, as a drum stick holder while he was playing…..)
The encore blew me away as Sammy came out alone, and sat in front of the drum kit and started playing slide guitar-which turned into Montrose –Bad Motor Scooter and followed by Deep Purple –Highway Star.
I think the band was a little taken back how well they were received at first….hey, were not called “Detroit Rock City” for nothing!
The opening act, Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam did a great job of getting the crowd in the mood for Chickenfoot.
The chemistry of Joe, Sammy, Chad, & Anthony really comes through in their groove!!! No doubt, this is the must see concert of the year!
Long live The Foot! /// \\\

show #3 of my chickenfoot summer
another great show(maybe not as good as london)same basic set whole album plus bitten bad motor scooter, highway star.the band is in fine form, just a tip for all those cabo people, leave all your cabo stuff at home
this is a red rocker show, not some rocked up version of jiommy buffett.
show 4 next week in cleveland.
great to meet chad before the show.

The Detroit show was amazing. My first time seeing any of these talented musicians. They blew the place up.

We attended the show last nite. AWESOME!!! The guys are great. Everybody was outta hand. I was one of the winners who got to go side-stage during the encores!!! Great time. Got some good shots of the boys doing their thing. Detriot loves Chickenfoot!!! Great to see Chad at home, and Sammy remebers the "State Theatre". Thanks for a great show, guys.

Great concert!!! Best one in years. All the guys rocked it and had a great time. You can tell that they are having the time of their life!

Sammy, Joe, Micheal and Chad....Keep rocking. You guys are great.

Glad to see that Chad had not forgotten his hometown.

We did the back stage experience. It was a little short but the Fillmore was very small. We did a walk thru of an area full of guitars and booze. I didnt see any CABO WABO? Then we did a walk across the stage and found Mikey tunning one of his guitars. Thanks for the photo. After that we entered the house and walked straight up to the front row. The Davey Knowles Band opens and what a performance. On comes CHICKENFOOT. When you think of Sammy, you think of the old greats like 55, Eagles Fly and Dreams. For all of us that saw the show in Detroit know the best is yet to come from Sammy and this band. What can you say about Joe Satriani? This guy plays out of his mind and is even better than what you hear on the album. Mikey, always great to see and pounded on that bass like a mother . Chad Smith, we are proud that you are from Detroit as well. He kicked this shit out of those drums from the first to the last song. What a drummer! If you ever stop playing the drums you should go into comedy cause you are one very funny sum bitch. GREAT DRUMMER! SAMMY, I remember listening to your music on cassette while riding my bad motor scooter that topped out at 16mph when i was 15. Now 42, my house is filled with concert pictures of the different stages of your great career.Thank you for taking the time to sign my Detroit Tiger Jersey each show and thank you for all the great music. Like Davis Lauser said in your Long Road to Cabo DVD, you are still hungry to write a "great fucking song" and it shows. Thank you Chickenfoot for a great concert. See ya in CABO!!!