Aug 11, 2009
Uptown Theatre
Kansas City, MO
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The night started off right. We rented a Kansas City Limousine from All Access Limousines. Got to the show with a nice and toasty buzz. I had no doubt that the guys would deliver the goods, but what I was wondering if it was going to be a sold out show or not. I know it was close, but it was not sold out. What I don't understand is you have 4 unbelievable musicians from 4 unbelievable bands with hundreds of thousands of fans...What I figured is each person in the group would pull some from their own fan base. I'm sure this happens but seemed ticket sales were slow off at first...maybe because of the economy people are waiting last min?

The show did not disappoint and the sound was exceptional! Of course I knew that, I've seen Satriani about 12 times. "Get it Up" is one of my favorite songs and you can't go wrong with the groups love song "learning to fall" with such amazing vocals and very melodic with wonderful simple chord progressions/changes to bring it all together.

A small group of people waited outside the gate after the show, and when the band left, we were BEGGING for 'em to stop for autographs and some chick wanted to show her tits to Sammy....her dream didn't come true. She just wanted a touch from Sammy, that is all she talked about and all she wanted. She even mentioned her husband is the only one who has "seen these". Damn Sammy, you missed out (and so did I)..

Thanks for a great show anyway!

Once again the Foot amazes!
Made it to the Chicago Road Test show with my older daughter, my younger daughter and I attended this one.
The show was just awesome, again the boys are hard rockin fools!

We were lucky enough to catch Dugie waiting for a ride to see doc about his knee. He very gracious and kind to speak with us for a few and posed for a pic with my daughter and I - Thanks Dugie!! That was awesome, hope your knee is better! Forgot to ask you if I could meet Mikey - oh well ;).

Chad = Got a spankin from a lucky girl in the audience - funny as hell! While trying to toss a drum stick far out in the crowd, he threw it up so high it never came back down. After that he tried to get others to stick up there. At the end of the show he climbed down into the crowd and threw out a couple more sticks.

Joe = Played a little Hendrix for a bit. He was a madman on guitar as usual - good stuff!!

Mikey = Vocals were awesome, and he also got into the crowd at the end for a bit I believe. And of course his stage precesnce was great, roaming around and interacting with the fans!

Sammy - Sam he am! He pulled a girl out from the audience near the end of the encore. I have met her and her husband back in 04 in OMaha for the VH VIP, and then have seen them at two Sammy VIPs since- great folks! That was awesome to see.

#1 These guys are having fun and it's contagesous.
#2 They really appreciate their fans!
#3 They plain rock out and kick ass!

Oh and Davey Knowles' band did a hell of a job warming up the crowd.

Can't wait for another album and tour next year (?) DO NOT MISS THESE GUYS IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!!!!

These guys are having a blast as well as the crowd. They sounded dynamite and blew the roof off the place. I loved the idea of the Foot performing at smaller venues. The Uptown Theater in KC was great. Like I heard another poster say, "if you can only make it to 1 concert this year, this is the one to see". Can't wait for album #2.

I totally agree. I was second row stage left in front of Joe. We were amazed by this super group. I must admit I was not that familiar with Chad Smith, now as a drummer myself I was set a back He is a phenomenal drummer and like the rest of the band a great show man. It was by far the best concert I have ever saw in a small venue. Just awesome!!!

Holy Shit!!This was the best show I have seen in awhile. The opening band, Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam were great! Davy can shred. He reminded me of the first time I saw Kenny Wayne Shep years ago in DC. I took my oldest son to his first concert last night and he loved it. He recently took up guitar and I thought him seeing Satch for his first concert would be memorable, which it was! All the guys were having fun and just playing awesome music. I will definately need to try and see them again soon.

What a show in Kansas! The show rock from begining to end - period! Alohanails is my wifes account to this website but I attended the show. The Foot is having a great time and it is obvious! I really hope they find the time for a new album once other solo requirements are met after the tour. Look forward to seeing them in Texas next month! Got a Joe pick, Sammy pick and a stick from Chad. I have seen Joe many times and the other guys in their respective bands and solo outings (Sammy). Planning on seeing them at least two more times on this leg of the tour. Scored some great seats up front the day before the show and ended up on the barricade in front of Joe. Always the amazing guitarist and mentor! My buddy got his hat signed by Sammy from the stage! The fans are great! On their feet the whole show! Chad gave a kid (about 8 or 9) a tamborine. He put it directly in his hand from the stage - what a cool gesture on Chad's part. They played the whole album and a couple of encores (Hgwy Star/Bad Motor Scooter). Cool jams between songs as well - a little Robin Trower and of course Hendrix! Rock on Joe, Sammy, Michael and Chad - thanks again for a great show.
Ron Guajardo (Ron44)