Aug 13, 2009
Fifth-Third Ballpark (Festival)
Comstock Park, MI
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This show was really fantastic on so many levels. We were in the VIP section up front and it couldn't have been a more intimate setting for us. Everyone in the Chickenfoot band was on fire for this show and the chemistry in this band is very evident. Satriani and Smith seem to have a sixth-sense about each other's musical movements because Satriani rarely looked over at Smith but still started/transitioned/ended with him with complete accuracy. This band is musically tight and worked together with precision. I've seen some YouTube videos where the vocals between Sam and Mike were off key (for some reason) but they must have gotten the monitors right in Grand Rapids, because Sam and Mike (even Joe) were harmonizing so well on pitch and again really accurate. Chad Smith steals the show, however. From where we were standing, I felt as if I had to protect my wife and myself from flying drum sticks because Chad was just flinging them around with a bit of reckless abandon. Early on in the show, I believe Chad actually hit someone in the front VIP row in the face with a stick because Chad was trying to get his attention after the first song making hand motions and lip-movements asking, "Are you OK?" and was obviously concerned (which I thought was totally awesome for him - no rock star ego - just genuinely concerned). A few times, narrowly missing Sammy and Mike with a few sticks that fell after hitting the light rigging above the stage, I think Chad worked on his accuracy a little. "Get It Up" was the obvious favorite of the band and of the crowd for the evening. That song moves & showcases the talents of everyone; vocals and all. Sammy looked like he seriously felt at home during this performance and Mike was rock solid. Its difficult to tell how much improvisation there is anymore in a performance of the same 1 album's worth of tracks and running "Bad Motor Scooter" night after night, but I can imagine this improves the image of a sincerely tight performing band. I worked on me; the performance was flawless. The entertainment value was 100% and as a musician myself, it was like a 2 hour guitar lesson watching Satriani. Chickenfoot has definitely made an impression.