Aug 15, 2009
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Cleveland, OH

Opening act is special guest Davy Knowles & Back Door Slam
Gates are at 6pm and show is at 8pm
Outdoor show, Rain Or Shine

Although this is a FREE show, TICKETS ARE REQUIRED.

There are a few ways to secure tickets:

1) Click here for information on the WNCX Ticket Promotions

2) Rock Hall/FYE Promotion - Beginning on July 17, purchase Chickenfoot's self-titled album on CD or vinyl from the Rock Hall's FYE store and receive one ticket to the Chickenfoot concert on August 15 at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum while supplies last. Limit one ticket per customer. This offer is only applicable at the Rock Hall FYE store location. Supplies are limited. Tickets to this free concert also include a $3 discount on Museum admission. Discount is only valid on the day of the concert and is not applicable with other discounts.

3) Official Chickenfoot Fan Club members from Ohio (as listed in their account when they paid) as of Jul 1 will receive 2 tickets. Further details will be forthcoming via email to eligible members. Although we were fortunate enough to secure enough tickets for current fan club members, we unfortunately cannot secure additional tickets for new memberships.

4) 10 pairs of additional tickets will be given away in a random drawing to CHICKENFOOT.US free account holders. To enter the drawing click here. DO NOT POST YOUR COMMENTS ON THIS PAGE TO ENTER-- you need to POST YOUR COMMENT ON THE NEWS ITEM. Thanks! UPDATE AUG 8 -- CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED, THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED!

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This show was the highlight of my summer. What a great time and show. Met lots of great Redheads from all over and lost my hearing for about a day after being right in front of Joe's amps! Well worth it! Sure hope they tour again!

This was such a great show. I'm so glad I was there!

Freakin'Amazing!! Quality Quality Quality Music! Everyone sounded perfect. I took my 16 yr old with me, We came up from Columbus early and toured the hall of fame. While inside we bumped into the band, they all signed my Chickenhead shirt! Very Cool! We then stood outside for several hours to assure we were front row / center stage(well worth the wait). The opening band through down - lots of talent there - No Joke. When Chickenfoot took the stage the crowd was pumped. The guys truely looked like they were genuinely having serious fun. Every song was hard rockin' , loud , and high energy. My son was super stoked, he will never forget this. I'm a long time REDHEAD and VH fan(tatoo -personalized plates, my dogs name is "sammy" , etc), since 1984 - Ive seen VH with dave, VH with Sammy, Dave solo , and Sammy/Waboritas a total of 55 times - No lie - This was I believe the BEST yet!! Please Guys, Keep it coming..... Andy Byrd "byrdstheword"

Started drinking about 8 hours before the my house in New Orleans. Got my buzz-on in a car, on a plane, and on a freight train or sub-terrain but 3 out of 5 ain't bad. In the end, some of the details are still a bit fuzzy in my memory...but what a great show and great weather. Looking to go to another show, but it just won't be the same as this one in Cleveland.

Dear Sammy, Mike, Joe, and Chad,

THANK YOU for putting out one of the best albums... ever. Thank you for the best show of my life at the Rock HOF in Cleveland. Music is not a contest, but that was incredible, and I cannot remember a better show. All I can say to anyone that has not purchased a ticket to a show... GET ON IT!!! (Hmmm... almost sounds like a song title;) My younger brother and I both play guitar and have played in bands most of our lives. It takes a lot to impress us, but you guys did it. I knew the show would be good, but you have exceeded expectations, as with the album.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

show #5 of the summer of chickenfoot, got to the not rolling stone critics hall of fame about 3:30
caught the boys brefore the hall interview, got pictures , and the vinyl signed,
then front row bewteen sammy and joe, great show, didnt play runnin out , or bad motor scooter
but still great.great energy and joes a monster.than the 4+ hour drive home
stop 5 phoenix

Wow what a great time! Sammy still sounds as good as the first time I saw him in 1985 and he and Mike make a great vocal combo just like they did in Van Halen! I can tell all four of them have a great time together. I'd never seen Joe or Chad before. Joe is a monster on guitar I was impressed. Chad is the class clown and very fun to watch even though I almost got hit in the head with a stick! The show is worth watching if it comes to your town I gaurentee you will have a blast! I know I did!

I am a huge Foot Fan, although I hadn't seen Sammy since Monsters of Rock in '89 with VH. Joined the fan club very early, bought the album at midnight the minute it was released on iTunes. I live in Northern Michigan and wasn't able to attend any Michigan concert due to family obligations. I drove over seven hours to see this concert in Cleveland. Sammy Hagar is the man. He hasn't lost his vocals. Michael was spot on as expected, boy can that guy sing those harmonies. I saw Chad Smith with the RHCP in '91 or '92, really didn't do that much for me(I might have been paying too much attention to Anthony and Flea, actually). What a difference he makes in Chickenfoot though. I have to tell you he is so entertaining, fun, and fun-loving. A real life cartoon character with sticks!! Joe Satriani played pretty well. Sammy really is impressive as an entertainer and a vocalist. These guys were super tight. Highlight for me was Highway Star! If you can catch this show....DO IT!!!! DO IT!!!!! DO IT!!!!!

We had the best time. We got to meet the band right before the show and it was the coolest experience.The show just rocked out hard. The only song they didn't play was Runnin Out. The crowd was having a blast. Loved the Chickenfoot signal on the building. When we got to meet them it was so strange, my husband couldn't think of what he wanted to say and we had to behave because of Best Buy's corporate people that were there.

Sammy mentioned at this concert that "Oh Yeah" was successful everywhere else but Cleveland because they would never play it here. He then asked that they play it at midnight. At 12:01 am on 98.5 WNCX, they played it.


Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee..Gotta see Sammy again..ANYBODY IN CLEVELAND GOT TICKETS FOR SALE????

3 days until showtime... chillin in columbus waiting to cruise to the HOF ... 2 tix waiting at will call ...
been a chickenhead since day 1 ... cant wait to get my favorite buzz on I got my toothbrush soap and a comb.... these guys are indeed super talented and the cd speaks for itself. Every tune JAMS!! thanks for being so fan friendly ... I will be waiting all day for the gates to open.. Can you say upfront fanatic..

thanks guys ..

Frank / OUateAchickenfoot2 !!

Please pick me for some tickets i know it's late but we want to ride to one of best summer concerts around here. Had no luck at other venues going on for tickets.

This is THE SuperBand of the 21st Century! I have been a Sammy Fan Since he was 17 with Montrose, Mike Fan since 1977, Joe fan since Surfing With The Alien, and always thought that Chad was the glue in the Chili Peppers.

These Guys Define what it means to ROCK!

Lookin' forward to Grand Rapids. Love to catch it in Cleveland. Chickenfoot KICKS!

chickenfoot ruules!!

We are on the way home to MN from ME. My son can't be home for the Aug. 10 at the MYTH. We need help.

ive been a sammy fan since 1979 i would love to see him with the best band ever this is one of a kind rock there thanks fan for life

I really cant wait to see the drummer from toby red play again!!!

I will be in Cleveland that week and would love to ROCK with the Band!!!!

Been a fan of Sammy since the Montrose days.....and Satriani is a guitar GOD!!!!! Am crossing my fingers and hoping like HELL I can see this show. PLEEEASE pick me!!!!!!

I've seen Sammy with Van Halen - he is an awsome entertainer. Would love to see him again!!!!!

Premium Fanclub Member "Enabler":
I am an avid Chickenfoot Premium fanclub member 2 hours away from the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame.
Please let me be your Pittsburgh laison for the Cleveland show. (Pittsburgh is cancelled)

Lovin us some Chickenfoot!! Would love to go to the free show!!

We already have the 3 liter for the party! (paid for by SD)
Detroit is a short drive, we will be there for sure.

DK & BDS rock!!!

My husband and I would love to see Chickenfoot! It's just good old fashion Rock n' Roll!! We love it!

Click here to read the latest about the tickets we've been able to secure. NOTE: you need to post your comments *there* and not *here* to enter the contest!

Chickenheads, I am sure the show at the R&R H0F will be Rock'n!! Cannot wait for Aug 15th. Hope some tix become available from the website! Heading to Cabo the end of Sep.(can't make 10/13 this year)going to be rockin to Chickenfoot at the Westin!! Yea Baby!!
Boys should getting back from Europe to Rock the USA!

That's really great that we have 2 tickets as Fanclub members!! Could you give us a hint on when the emails will be going out??

I had given up on the Cleveland show and planned on going to Pittsburgh but now that it's been cancelled, I'm hoping to score a pair in this random drawing! However, if there's anyone out there that has a pair or gets a pair and ends up not being able to go, I'd BUY them from you. I live in PA making it not so easy to gets tickets the other ways and I really want to go to this show! Anyone willing to give/sell a pair of tix would make this girl very happy!

dear chickenheads, i was supposed to meet samuel roy hagar back in 93, but i only hung out on the bus as the old band he was with did PRE shows. Joe, your turn was in 98 at Summerfest in milwaukee. alas no love. i had to work. Mike your tech was Flipper? i met him and dugan and matt bruck on that ill fated night in 93, but not You. with Any luck, the gods of rock will smile on me this time. peace

I hope to get to see you at the Cleveland show!! We had tickets for the Pittsburg show and it's been cancelled. Disappointed but things happen. You guys rock! Take Care!!

Hey Joe, I have been a huge fan. Just like people remember where they were when kennedy got shot or Elvis died. I remember where i was when i 1st heard Surfing with the Alien. I was in my red Camero and i had to pull over and just listen.Ever since then i was hooked. i purchased the platnimum package for the 2006 tour and got to meet you. I got the picture hanging on my wall and look at it everyday and just remember that day. I hope i can get some tickets for the Cleveland show.Aug.15th at the Rock-hall. You does Sammy,Chad and Michael. Thanks you so much for everything.

Hey Joe,

Have been a fan since I first heard Rubina!My buddy Ron and I saw you at you at the Palace Theater in Cleveland on the Surfing tour...outstanding stuff. The reporter from the Plain Dealer even quoted Ron when he said " go get him Stu" as Stu Hamm was hitting the skins. We'd love to see you and the new band as you bring it strong to the Hall of Fame. Thanks for all the great tunes.

Hoping to get the random tix-we're planning on being in Cleveland that weekend, and really want to share the Chickenfoot experience with our 2 sons! We both were early Chickenheads-enrolling in the fan club when it was first announced, and also seeing them both in NYC and Philly during the rehearsal shows. We've been spreading the chicken fever around to all we can in the Philly area!

Keep on rockin'!

Holly in Philly &
Bill "the official WYSP Rock God"(contest winner) in Philly

I would love to go to this show with my son. We will be going to Cedar Point that week and will be in the area. Please consider us when you give out tickets to the RRHF. Thank you Joe Binder(Dimoncutr)Chickenhead Member