Aug 17, 2009
Beacon Theatre
New York, NY
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I attended this show with VIP package and Front Row Seat. My second Chickenfoot Show and Boy did they Kick Ass! Avenida has a new addition to the ending...Bass there any band that could pull that off in their first song?! Chad is so Rock Solid it must be inspiring drummers everywhere! Yes even myself as an intermediate player. Sammy..well i can bearly explain how hes up there always giving 101% and making the night special for so many with sigs and attention!..i personally saw how much this meant to quite a few fans including myself...thanks Sammy for Signing my banner!....and of course Joe...yeah this gig maybe easier than his solo but he cant change his drive to make each song a little better and creative. Its shocking to me how i can watch a band and look at Joe only 25% of the During the show, Joe's mom was escorted on Stage with Sammy. Shes a cool lady ....besides being Joes Mom. You could see in her smiles during the show that she was very proud of her son...and being side stage must have been easier on the ears! they didnt play Running Out or Highway Star =(

I was permitted to go into each band members dressing room for pics and their guest room with food, warm up instruments, a big rack of wine (i couldnt find the Cabo) to see up close the famous chickenfoot guitar and the jack daniels bass. The onstage tour was added last minute and we had freedom to rove around the stage and take all the pics we wanted...

Davy Knowles (warm up) is an amazing guitar player . His band really sounded great!

We too had the pre show tour passes. Would like to have attended a meet and greet but we were told that the band had some PR stuff to do and would not be around at the time we were touring the Beacon. We are Satriani fans who first heard of this colaboration at a meet and greet with Joe in NJ a while back. we were lucky enough to attend the test tour when they stopped at Irving Plaza in NY which was pretty good.
However, this show at the Beacon was fantastic. I know Joe likes to play here as i have attended several G3 concerts that Joe coordinates and plays at the beacon on the NY leg of those tours. The sound was fantastic (loud and crunchy)and the place (recently renovated)looked great. We were in the first row (Michael Anthony side)and walked away with a drum stick,an Anthony Pick, a live autograph from Sammy on My Chickenfoot CD and the white plastic poster Sammy was wearing during certain parts of the concert in addition to a Sammy signed drum cover we won at the pre show. My girl friend got the poster at the end of the show after Sammy left it at the edge of the stage. I have seen satriani 12 times before always as the head of his band and he never disappoints. This show was no exception, Joe seemed comfortable playing in a band that did not require him to be the focal point. Sammy has a dynamic personality and takes on alot of the crowd interaction. Chad was impresive and probably ate up all the profits from the show in the volume of drum sticks he through into the crowd. Mike was his usual consitent self although he looked like he was dehydrating by the end of the show and was gesturing to the stage staff to get him something to drink. All in all a much tighter performance than the one at Irving Plaza. We would have liked to hear another encore or two (as usual)but i think they may have been up against the curfew of 11PM. My ears were ringing for another day but it was worth it. A great and fun show. If anyone gets a chance to see this band you will surely have a good time. Thanks Guys for the the Music.

Kevin and Theresa from New York.

Great Show! Small venues are the way to go. Sound was incredible. Interaction between the band and audience was priceless.

CD is great, but the live show is better. Every song extended! The band and audience had a great time.

Just how many sticks does Chad go thru per show?

Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam was a surprise joy for an opening show. Incredible guitar player.

Would love to hear "Sexy Little Thing" or "My Kinda Girl" on the radio!

My son went to the show with his dad.They had the backstage tour w/ passes, and sat in the 5th row. He's 10 and had the time of his life. He caught Chad's drum sticks and was so excited he also won a set of Michaels strings. He said when the guys came in backstage Sammy waved hello. He would have loved a meet and greet but said it was the best time he ever had. Thanks for having such a great show and making my son's day! You guys are awesome!