Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ticket Contest

Jul 27 2009

As you know, the band is playing a free show in Cleveland at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame on August 15th. Although tickets are free, they can be difficult to get through various Cleveland local promotions, so we have been hard at work to find other ways to get some tickets into your hands. Read on to find out what we've put together.

IF YOU ARE A PREMIUM FAN CLUB MEMBER (you purchased a membership): As we mentioned in our email blasts, we were able to reserve a pair of tickets for anyone who was a paid member and had OHIO as their state in their profile as of Jun 30th. They will be at will-call under the name listed in your CHICKENFOOT.US account profile and you will be receiving email this week to confirm. We really worked hard to make this happen and hope Ohio fan club members can come out and have a great time! If you are not from Ohio, or you joined after June 30th, keep reading below.

EVERYONE ELSE: We will be doing a random drawing to give away a few more pairs of tickets to anyone who has a CHICKENFOOT.US account (free or paid). TO ENTER, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS POST A COMMENT ON THIS MESSAGE. About a week before the show, we will put all the names in a hat and draw the winners, who will be informed via e-mail. Winners will be placed on the will-call list under the name listed in their profile, so please make sure it is accurate! You may only enter once, so no need to post multiple comments :}

Also, we will only have one chance to send along all of the names so won't be able to correct any names or change them to someone else after the drawing.

Tickets may still be available for local fans through the local promotions which you can read about here.

AS OF 11PM PDT SATURDAY AUG 8, THE CONTEST IS CLOSED (so comments on this thread are also closed). The 10 winners (chosen at random) will receive details in their email.

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Looking forward to an awesome show in the spectacular setting of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Arriba, 'riba!!

Lake Erie will be rocking next Saturday night!

Been into Sam Hagar since 3-Lock Box...and had danced the night away with Van Halen since day #1! Haven't seen them since 5150 tho...please send me there...just one more time!!! Rock On!!

I am going to be in Cleveland that day with my brother, who is also a Foot Fan(Chickenhead, if you will)! Will be DC. See you at the HOF

I've been a chickenhead from day one.. I Cant wait to check the Hall of Fame show.... these guys truly rock. how sweet it will be.... thanks Sammy , Michael , Chad and Joe for connecting at such a high level.. you guys are amazing !!


Frank / OUateAchickenfoot2 !!!!!


After all these years, I'm still amazed at the level of intensity you guys deliver. You rocked Chicago and it was terrific. Can wait till the next show.....See you guys soon. I hope you deliver a few more CD's. We love what you're doing.....Rock on! Mark

You guys rock. I hope I get a chance to see you live. The album is rock as it should be.

The concert should rock next weekend!!

future hall of famers lookin at their future home hope i get tickets to share the experence with Joe,Chad.Mike and sam

Can't wait to see you guys in my hometown. Cleveland rocks! send me some tickets Sammy!!

I missed on getting to get some tickets from wncx 98.5 yesterday because I had to work. I can not miss this show! I need to see Chickenfoot HELP!!!

We LOVE Sammy , Joe, Chad, and Michael. And would love to see them at ROCK hALL.

wE WILL BE AT dETROIT, as we are Die-Hard fans. Please come thru for us.


Diane & Joe

Well It's just around the corner, Chickenfoot in da house. But I need tix. Hook me up Paleezz.

This show should ROCK! The opening band is GREAT as well. I would love to see it!

After being so sick a few weeks ago, in the hospital, but getting better day by day, tickets to the show sure would be sweet after the hell I went through. I live in New York and I WANT TO GO TO CLEVELAND!

We Want Tix!!

The music really rocks as it should! Hope to always keep rockin' year after year!

I guess "the fab four" will play in the Rock Hall after all!!!!!
Great album, keep rockin'

Looking forward to seeing ya! Kris

where is Santa? I'm Hopeful he'll deliver C.foot tickets for Cleve.Sammy's shows are great,but I need more.Peace..........


ready to rock out, just need two tix

Looking foward to seeing you at the Rock Hall!!

The free show deal is nice, although there were no instructions early on on how to get the tickets. When I heard about this show I immediately went to ticket master willing to pay for tickets but the show was listed as free, so now I find out you have to have tickets to go to the FREE show.

I would have paid for tickets and rather have paid for tickets than to be left out in the cold on this one, I do not have the time for chasing a radio van around trying to get tickets I was willing to pay for. I would suggest in the future you give more information on how to get tickets to something like this.

These guys are all favorites and its a shame people that are willing to pay for this cannot enjoy this show

very disappointed in Ohio

You guys ROCK!
Just about the best thing for the R&R hall of fame ;)

Saw Chickenfoot In Toronto and I want more! willing to drive down there to see them again please please please xoxo Kim

Chickenfoot KICKS! Lookin' forward to Comstock Park. Love to see it in Cleveland with a fresh bottle of Cabo in hand.

Cannot wait to see Chickenfoot in Tahoe on 09/05....OH YEAH!

Oh Yeah!

You guys rock. I saw Sammy at the Cleveland Agora years ago. I think Nugent warmed up for him. Great show.

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No hearts but at least we're machines
The Godz are rock and roll machines

Ohio State Chickenfoot fan will be on a boat with a bottle of Cabo waiting for tickets

Cheers from the Bellini

The new CD rocks!!!
Send me to Ohio!!!

This fan from St. Louis already same DaFoot in Chicago. Now gimmie the chance to see 'em in Cleveland. Let Sammy, Satch, Mikey, and Chad throw the party of all parties!

hello im from cambridge city indiana.i really like your new album.4 of us are coming to cleveland next weekend i sure hope i can get some tickets thanks jeff.

My daughter and I are ready for our HoF tix!

Chickenfoot will ROCK the Hall of Fame in Cleveland !!

Can't wait to see you guys in Detroit and Cleveland, maybe... maybe...?

CHICKENFOOT has made my summer! Best thing to happen to rock in eons and I should know because I'm 52 (I saw Sammy with Montrose open for Humble Pie in 1973). We saw the Roadtest show in Chicago and we're going to Detroit and Grand Rapids (Comstock Park). Three CHICKENFOOT shows in a week wouldn't be a hardship at all!

Are there any plans to do a show in Indianapolis?

Chickenfoot rocks!
Guys I'm waiting for you in Poland. Hope to see you soon!

PS. Can anybody send me this digital album booklet? I bought the album, but when I want to see the booklet, it says that it's damaged or sth.
My email adress:

Please come back to Seattle.

Got the album, it rocks! Hoping to get some tickets for the rock n roll hall of fame! Love ya! Beth

It's all about the music. Have a blast rockin' Cleveland. (To Chad: "Can't Stop" following your drum play.) xxoo, patricia and the boys

The calander is all cleared out for the 15th. All I need is 2 tickets!!

I'm hoping for a pair of tickets to help the wife & I celebrate our 10th anniversary!!!!!!!

Foot Rocks! Can't wait to see you in Detroit!!

Chickenfoot rocks! I hope I am fortunate enough to see the show at the Rock Hall!

Please, please pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Can't wait, must go. You guys ROCK!