Sep 14, 2009
Brady Theater
Tulsa, OK
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Totally Rock'in show!!! Its Awesome when a band sounds eefffnnn perfect live and on there cd's!! I love you Chicken foot!!! I have been a fan since I was a Kid In Marin, CA !! Keep on rocking!!! Come to OKLAHOMA Again sooon!! Please
Super stoked to see you again and again!!

The Foot at the Brady!!!!! The best concert i have ever experienced!!!! Hopefully we havent seen the last
of the Foot in Tulsa!!! Please come back guys!!!!

What a great show, I have seen a few concerts and never left one feeling the way I did after Chickenfoot! Wow! Two hours of amazing Rock! I am so glad I got to see this show, these guys are great together. I have never seen a band have so much fun onstage! I hope we get to see more of Chickenfoot!

My girls and I were there, the youngest even made it on stage with Sammy, Mikey and Chad! We even was able to capture it on video!!
I think Joe is just afraid of us!!
We LOVED the show! The energy is unbelieveable- being such a Sammy fan anyway, he ALWAYS brings everything he's got! His voice is in great shape-sounds as good as ever!! And by no means are the other guys slacking! I could feel Chad's drumming in my bones- he plays with such intensity! Throws so many drumstix out while playing-it's surprising he hasn't thrown that arm out yet!! Mikey's hitting the harmonies, and adding that bass line with such great passion too! Joe is truly a Guitar Hero! These guys are having such a great time and it shows!
Hope to get to see these guys again- 2 shows are simply not enough!!!

THANKS SAMMY, JOE, CHAD and MIKEY for some great music- something that has been lacking lately!


Great show! It was hot in the building, but the band blasted thru the night with high energy. Standing right in front of the PA blew the hairs on my arm back ha! The band was like a finely tuned high performance engine... Just a great mix of Chad's phenomenal energy and unorthodox beats and fills (and he POUNDS those drum heads), Sammy and Mike's really musical sounding harmony vocals, and Satch's laser perfect guitar playing. Sammy is SUCH a great front man, every little gesture is just perfect. The energy and FUN is absolutely contagious. These guys have GOT to record another's just TOO good a thing not to, we want mooooore!

i was there and im 51 seen alot of shows and this one was up there with the best of them. chickenfoot makes feel like your at a big fucking party and they are glad you are there.davy knowles kicked ass too what a fucking show i had a kick ass time come back soon

It was awesome. I would go see them again and again. Such a great mix!!!!!