Sep 16, 2009
Verizon Wireless Theater
Houston, TX
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Killer Set! I was blown away. I like the album but playing it live was awesome. I have been a Hagar fan since 1981. And have never missed his show, solo, VH, Wabos. Last night I honestly believe he sounded better than any other of the 25 or so shows I have been at. Mikey's great back up vocal's were sweet. He even broke out the JD bass. Chad Smith was on beat the whole night. And probably threw 10 dozen drum sticks into the audiance. What can I say about the shred master Satriani. I have seen hime solo before but enjoyed his playing more last night. The entire band seemed to really be enjoying themselves. Of course that's why I have loved Hagar for so many years. You tend to feel like you are hanging out at his home with the boys. These guys are true Rock n Roller's to the bone.

Thanks to all of you for the many years of great music.

As soon as we saw the tour dates posted, my friend Patricia and I started to plan our trip to see at least one show. We are huge Sammy fans, and live in Brazil. We had some great experiences in Cabo San Lucas during Sammy's Birthday Bash in 2006 and 2008, so we couldn`t miss this tour. We decided to go to Houston.
I was expecting a great show, but what I saw was a band so tied, and so happy onstage, and it went way beyond my expectations. I loved the Chickenfoot album, but these songs live are even better.
The intro that Sammy made for Bad Motor Scooter was fantastic!
After the show I went back to the hotel with a big smile on my face, and I couldn’t sleep for hours, just thinking about the show.
I’ll have the chance to see them again in San Antonio and Dallas, and I hope I can have the same experience on these shows.
Thanks Sammy, Mike, Joe and Chad for these great moments!

PS: I took many pictures from the show. Yo can see them at:

The show last nite was nite was loaded with Sammy's energy & vocals, the drummer was excellent throwing drumsticks out into the crowd without missing a beat and the lead & base were equally as talented! My friends left and went up to their seats and I stayed down on the floor because I wanted to get a better look at Sammy and feel the energy..he rocked house and is still looking really hot..ROCK ON SAMMY!! I have always been a huge fan...

What a great show. The vocals were strong. Sammy and Michael's harmonies were excellent all night. Satch was, well, Satch. A genius on guitar. And Chad was spot on even while he was slinging sticks into the crowd. Even the opening act was good. A rockin' blues band with a 22 year old singer/guitarist. The venue could have been a little better. It was general admission on the floor. For almost $200 a ticket they should have had something better than that. Oh well. I'd still pay that price again to see them. Rock'n'roll was alive and well last night in Houston. Thank you Chickenfoot.