Sep 23, 2009
Dodge Theatre
Phoenix, AZ
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Well - I packed my rockin' shoes again and headed out to the west coast to see my favorite band for the second time -Chickenfoot!! They rocked at the Mohegan Sun and absolutely rocked it out again in Phoenix!! This time I brought my 21 year old son and he absolutely LOVED it!! We were in the front row and it was a non-stop party from beginning to end!! Can't wait for the DVD!!

Thank you guys for some great music and a lot of fun!! I know you all have had an awesome time doing this as is evident in your perfomance!!

Enjoy your time off and please please please bring us some more great music and another awesome tour!! We will go anywhere to see you but would love to have you come to Florida - OH YEAH!!!


Great venue for a great show! We had high expectations, this show lived up to them and then some!

Great show. I thought the Chickenfoot songs sounded much better live than the recorded versions. The energy of the show was phenomenal.

Re: Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam ... They actually received two standing ovations. I can only remember one other concert in my life when the relatively unknown opening act received several standing ovations, and that was in 1970 when the James Gang opened up for Jimi Hendrix (yeah, I'm an old fart). For all you people planning to attend a show, don't show up late and miss any of the opening act!

Full throttle for two hours! Great chemistry with this band. Best show I have seen in years. Hats off to MR. Knowles and the Back Door Slam. Watch out for these guys. Great opening act. Long Live the Foot.