Sep 21, 2009
Nokia Theatre
Grand Prarie, TX
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Great Show!!- Took my son for his first "big" concert. They did not disappoint. We moved up to the front of the stage from the second sect. to have my son (14) give Sammy 4 chickenfoot necklaces. Sammy took them from him, game him a hug and signed his shirt. My son would not quit smiling the rest of the night. What a great experience for him. That made this concert very special and will probably never be outdone for him the rest of his life. If anyone has any pics of the concert please email them to me at skotmart@ I would like to have some pics of the boys wearing the necklaces for my son. I hope they go on tour again soon and the promotion needs to be better, at least in the DFW area. I've seen Sammy everytime he has come to DFW since 1985 and he never disappoints. If you missed seeing them this go around don't miss the next tour.

Great show!

Awesome concert! Hey Chad throw some sticks to the left!