"Get It Up" - Animated by Pipeline Studios (PSI)

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Webmaster's note: A while ago, a dedicated fan who also happened to be a professional animation director contacted the band about making a video. To complete his vision, he partnered with Executive Producer Juan Lopez of Pipeline Studios Inc., a killer Canadian animation production studio, and his team of world class animation talent and technology make this video for "Get It Up". Here's the resulting video, and also the story of its creation from Director Darin Bristow. If anyone else out there is a huge fan and wants to make a video, go for it! It may not be as extreme as this, but we've been blown away by all sorts of fan-created videos. If you make one, email support@chickenfoot.us and if we get a enough we'll create a special place for them here on the site!

"The idea for the animated 'Chickenfoot' video came to me while jogging along the beach vacationing in Cabo San Lucas. I never workout without something Sammy blasting on my iPod, and the Chickenfoot CD had just come out. The energy of the CD really inspired me and got me thinking big. As a Technical Producer/Director for one of the world's largest animation studios, with 16 years experience behind me, I began to see animated scenes of a Chickenfoot rock video play out in my head. Animation is a great way (if not the best) of merging with music, especially when dealing with the unique attributes that make up Chickenfoot. Without much hesitation I decided to email Sammy Hagar, the guy who's always singing about following your dreams, to share the vision for the video. I ran directly from the Cabo surf to my hotel and with 20 years as a Hagar fan behind me, I emailed www.redrocker.com , to pitch the idea.

I sent it off and not long after, I got a response from Carter, one of Chickenfoot's managers, he wanted to discuss the idea further. Pumped, I went back to the studio to work on animation designs of the band and video concept paintings, while Carter and I had some back and forth email communication over the following weeks. Carter then decided we should meet in person to go over my artwork when Chickenfoot's tour passed through Toronto (my hometown) August 4th! It sounded too good to be true! It was, as I wound up being in out of the country on business August 4th and would not be able to meet him. I was just about to email Carter my bad news, when he emailed me saying that the Toronto date was now moved to the 5th! We had a small chance to meeting, as long as there were no flight delays. The smallest glitch in my travel would kill my meeting. I flew from the airport at 4am and made it to Toronto the exact moment Chickenfoot hit the stage. My girlfriend and I watched the amazing show, then left 2 songs before the end to meet Carter at the hotel. I hadn't spoken with him for a few days, but I had my pitch and artwork all ready for him. At 1a.m. in the morning, in the hotel lobby, exhausted, I set up my digital animatic with my Chickenfoot storyboard pitch playing, along with the band animation designs ready to show him. When Carter, and the band, showed up we go right into it! As Sammy Hagar wandered in and Michael Anthony chatted with my somewhat startled girlfriend, Carter and I discussed the video's concept. Truth be told, I wanted to ask the band to autograph my designs, but didn't seem like the right occasion to do so, hurts to be a professional sometimes!

It was a surreal night, but over a sturdy handshake, Carter agreed we proceed with production of a fully-animated video. Partnered with the acclaimed production team at Pipeline Studios, we had a winning combination, so I started working with Executive Producer Juan Lopez in search of an effective creative vision to produce this video.

I was able to direct a dream project, with a dream team; this is something I am very proud of. I also think, that for me, this story is living proof that Sammy Hagar is right- if you follow your dreams and never give up, with the right group behind you, teamwork can make anything happen."

P.S. See if you can find all the subliminal Chickenfoot logo's that we hid in the background paintings! Keep a close eye....they're everywhere....

Darin Bristow
Dec 28 2009

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GREAT Video !!! :-)

GREAT Video !!! :-)


Very very awesome ! Loved it !

Get it Up Video

A stunning piece of work there Darin (and not a bad supporting role by the 'foot either ;-) ). You should get involved with some future Chickenfoot songs/video - Brilliant!!! Dave aka Wile7

Get It Up Video

W - O - W !!!
What an AMAZING video!
Absolutely OUTSTANDING job!!!

The whole process behind this story is very inspiring
Glad you followed your dream and intuition Darin ~ fate & destination came full cirle :)

Love, love, love the whole concept of this video and the deep messages within it
I can't stop watching

/l\ /l\ /l\

"Get It Up" Fan Video

Wow Darin, that is an awesome video! Kudos to you and your production team. You are obviously all extremely talented. I hope to see more work from you in the future. Keep up the good work. I'm sure the band loved it!

~Ed Dubreuil


That was just so awesome!
Thank you (and all the other folks) so much for working so hard to get this put together for us!
Fantastic work!!! Like Michelle said, what a great gift!!!
And yeah, Sammy has that effect on a LOT of us! LOL!


chickenfoot logo's

nice job Darin! congratulations on makin your dream come true! how many chickenfoot logo's are there? I count 10.


Darin what an incredible video !!! Congrats on coming up with the idea and successfully pitching it - way to go.

I bet Joe just LOVES it, especially the creepy characters they are right up his alley :0). I love the image of him with the pursed lips as the girl enters the room. All the caricatures of the guys are great.

Get It Up video...

very well done...Sammy has that effect on alot of us!!! awesome video..enjoyed it very much

Get it Up - Fan Music Video

All I can say is WOW!!! That was f'n AWESOME!! What a wonderful idea Darin. And what a cool story, too! Loved the white light coming from the girl's hands (nice that she had auburn hair). I did see a lot of CF logos in the background, another very cool idea. Gotta love imagination, what a great gift! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Rock on,

Very cool.

Wow! That's really cool.


great video. We need more....how bout "Bitten by the Wolf"? that would be fantastic song for a vid

awesome Job Darin...leaves ya

awesome Job Darin...leaves ya wanting more though...wtg!!! *****