May 14 2009

We've dropped a hip montage of songs from the new album with exclusive live, rehearsal, and behind the scenes footage. Songs featured are Avenida Revolucion, Soap On A Rope, Sexy Little Thing, Oh Yeah, and Get It Up. Check it out here in the Chickenfoot player (embed it on your site/ blog/ etc) and it's also available over at the usual Facebook/Myspace/Youtube Chickenfoot channels.

For folks with CHICKENFOOT.US accounts, please feel free to post your reaction/comments to this news item.

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Thank you. Sometimes apologizing is all it takes. It doesn’t quite make up for all the money I wasted on the show I didn’t get to see, but it does make me feel better to know that the band recognizes that there was a problem with venue.

...and Vancouver. I'm very much looking foward to Chicago on Friday. I hope we don't have to deal with a clusterf-ck like what was described in some of the other towns.

Anybody have a set-list?


great montage and the videos from chickenheads on youtube from seatle and vancouver. YOU GUYS ROCK!! some waboritas and shots for my birthday at the Philly show is gonna be awsome. redhead now chickenhead forever Rick

The seattle show was a disaster. I know there are lots of disapointed fans in seattle, I'm definitely one of them, There are so many better venues in seattle, the El corazon was a bad choice ,that was poorly managed, and the fans suffered for it.

until the Foot comes down in San Francisco!!!

We have our ROCK'N SHOES ON and the Bay Area is READY TO ROCK TONIGHT !!!! OH YEAH !

Caught the show at the Commodore last night. You guys were phenomenal. Superb musicianship, entertaining interplay and a great set-list definitely left us wanting MORE CHIC-KEN-FOOT!

someone dropped the ball big time here in seattle. i wasnt even able to get into the show area from the bar and missed the entire show because there was too many people! they even had the fire department and police there towards the end of the show beacuse the building was way beyond the max capacity. i feel ripped off and think sammy needs to do another show for the fans to make up for what a horrible time most of us had. and dont have it at the El Corazon!

Overbooked, never got into venue, had to watch on monitors in bar with no sound, LAME totally packed MOSH what a disaster!!!

It is a shame that such an awesome concert had to be held in such a piss poor location. My cousin and I drove up from south of Portland. We'd been planning this trip for weeks...took two days off from work too. I had read some crappy reviews about El Corazon but decided that I would just have to judge it for myself.

I couldn't believe how f-ing crowded that crap hole was. Whoever is in charge of lining up that venue should be ashamed of themselves. I've seen Joe over 20 times and Sammy five times. I know these guys are the cream of the crop and it just blows me away that there would be a situation where you would pay $50+ to check out these guys and their killer new tunes AND NOT EVEN BE ABLE TO SEE THE F-ING STAGE!!!!

We were so pissed as we stood in the damn bar and watched crappy video with crappier sound on the screens in there. I was thrilled to see the guys from the Seattle Fire Dept. come in there and eventually shut the concert down until some people cleared out and made it a manageable crowd.

To whoever left after the first portion of the concert (before the guys left the stage because of the crowd scene), whether you left in disgust, exhaustion, consideration of others getting a chance or for fear of being trampled or burned alive: Thank you! Thank you for being willing to sacrifice your spot so that we could at least get a glimpse of the stage for the final four songs. I hope you were able to enjoy yourselves while you were there.

I don't know what I would have done with myself if we hadn't been able to see at least a bit of the show.

Thanks to whoever called the fire dept., and thanks to the fire dept. for showing up and helping get things under control.

I still think that we should get our money back or be treated to something special. Maybe a repeat performance at a REAL VENUE.

Seriously, this would have been fine if they wouldn't have over sold by about 200 people. They figure crowd capacity by who can fit in the whole building, including the bar, but then when everyone wants to see the show and crowds into the venue it is fricking insane! Make these guys refigure capacity based on the concert room hallway, bathrooms or bar. Then you might have a chance at a halfway decent experience.

If you have a choice to see your favorite band at another place that isn't too far out of your way...please do. You won't be disappointed for having to have missed a show at the EL CORAZON.

JOE, SAMMY, MIKE and guys rocked. It was great to see Joe just digging a different role than the one that he plays when he's solo. I never could get an angle to see Chad, but the drumming sounded killer. Mike's harmonies are always spot on. Sammy is a fun-loving, rocker's rocker who is just happy to be doing what he loves. No arrogance, no b.s., let's keep this thing together for a good long while guys....but please come play Portland at the Roseland or the Schnitz or someplace else that's decent and don't subject us to that hell hole ever again!

P.S. Sorry to take up so much space, but I had to get this off my chest!

dude you nailed on right on the head! it was fucked up from the start. i had fan club tickets and never even got to see the show.

More than 30 years ago I saw Sammy with his band in the Paradiso in Amsterdam ("Red"). I'm a VanHalen fan from the very first eruption, Chad is such a special drumstick user and I have followed the incredible Joe for years now. This new band is a combination sent from heaven and it sounds unbelievable. I'm a happy man because I was able to get tickets for the show in the Netherlands on June 26th. I can't wait so see and hear these four fantastic lunatics. I wish you guys all the best and take care ! Ruud Berendse

Man, this is a really good video with really good songs and a really good band ! But why is the crowd sleeping in this video?!!! Can't wait the show in Montreux. Can tell you there will be nobody sleeping, even if the show will begin at midnight in the case of Montreux...
By the way, still waiting my fanclub T-shirt.


Man these new songs rock - Can't wait to see you guys tonight here in Vancouver!!! Good thing I can walk home from the venue given all the Vitamin T we'll be consuming...Thanks Sammy Mike Chad and Joe for coming together and coming to Vancouver!

Sounds good! sounds real good!!!
Go to to see Satriani interview, it's cool, explains
Sammy's talking in the beginning of "Down the Drain"

OK when I first heard you guys were together I thought no friggin way. My first concert to ever see was on Aug, 24, 1977 in Fresno when Skynyrd didn't show, but SAMMY did in Montrose and ROCKED the house. Been a RED ROCKER ever since. Then the VH gig after you know who left, Michael and Sammy's vocals are a PERFECT match. In the late 80's I rode my bike 30-40 miles a day training for races to Joe Satriani Surfin with the Aliens. Lets not forget the Pepperheads with Chad's funky a$$ rockin beat. Now the best of the best is together? Still can't believe it but THANKS! You are gonna take the world by the nads! Awesome motivational video! Thanks now I can't sleep at night waitin for Sunday in SF.

You guys are doing a SUPERB job with all the videos and all on this website!
Big kudos to the 'Chickenfoot Web Team'!

I'm totally digging the new tunes and can't wait to see you all this Sunday in S.F.!

Love ya Sammy! {{{BIG HUGS!}}}

(Ok, so nobody feels left out...LOVE YOU ALL! LOL! {{{HUGS!}}} to all of you!)

Jeanette :-)))

the Hitman is feelin the love .... thx for the hugz Jeanette.... :D

OH YEAH! Rock on boys!!

are you kidding me???call my doctor my heart is pounding.I am so looking forward to this,the songs sound amazing!i can't believe less than a week til the roxy show.(do you guys know,that place is small!!!!like a show in your living room,awesome)see you all there.

Wow! That was great. I CAN'T WAIT Until Tuesday. Chickenfoot at the ROXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!

Awesome video Guys !!!

Bring the show Downunder PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

You hear the term "supergroup" get tossed around a lot but rarely does it all add up. 0ysterhead would maybe be one that comes to mind that really ripped it up. These guys blow the doors off of that old expression, they've re-invented the very definition of the word. To call these boys "super" just seems to fall short, it's an understatement of monumental proportions. Watching this mash I came to realize that each and every band member is giving it all they've got... and then some! Sammy is just flipping phenomenal! I've been a fan of all these guys' music for years but I never thought I'd ever see something like this.

One last thing... can you just imagine how much fun these fine fellows are going to have out on the road? Oh to be a fly on the wall... this is going to be the most fun-filled and mature bus-ride in the history of rock and roll. (Well, ok.. maybe a little immaturity?)

Hats off to Chickenfoot. Here's to you guys showing the whippersnappers how it's REALLY done.


» Phy³

--’‘ ’‘


This just blew me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can R&R fan not just love this!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am speachless and tounge tied. I can not wait to see live on tour. Eddy who? And I hate to say that as I love VH but this just blows everything else away!!! Rock and roll and lets hope this is not a one time venture just too good keep up the awesome music!!!!!

What a fun video ! Just watching that has got me all pumped up for this Sunday show at the Fillmore !!!

(its only Thursday and I've got my BUZZ ON !)


The video gives a little hint of what some of the other songs are all about and I can hardly wait for Chicago. It's my birthday that night and I intend to seek out a Cabo'rita!

So much of rock music is so self-serious anymore - if it's any good, or just plain lame - if it's for fun. CHICKENFOOT appears ready to provide a high quality, kick-ass good time wheter it's live on stage or in my car or on my turntable! It ain't rocket science but it IS long overdue.


That video really made the wait for the Boston show that much harder. You guys are going to be incredible live.

Loved Joe's face in the video when he is singing backup on "Oh Yeah". He looks like he is saying, "What the hell am I doing singing??" Priceless.

Sammy you are always reinventing yourself and I think you have outdone yourself this time. Glad Mike is with you.

Can not wait for Boston!!!

You guys f-ing rock! Can't wait to fly up to Chicago from DC next week! I hope Chickenfoot records 10 albums!

Will you guys be coming to the Detroit area for this tour. You guys have out done everyone out there by putting this lineup on stage. When I look at what each of you has brought to the table it just makes all the sense in the world. I'm 50 years old with a 1967 Ludwig drum set that I've played all over this country. I've retired from touring but I rock out in my basement now to all you guy's music and I've just ordered my tee shirt and membership and can't wait to get your new album. I'm going to learn all the chops just in case Chad might not feel well the night you guys play here in Detroit..... HA!

Am flying in from Spokane to see you at the El Corazon. How in the hell am I supposed to sleep after watching that video you just put on the website? YOU GUYS ARE HOT. Why didn't you wait till morning to put that on? FUCK. I will be the guy on crutches (have an MRI on my knee on Monday but will not miss this)with bags under his eyes from no sleep due to chickenfoot excitement trying to get up front. Have met Sammy in Vegas at the Cabo booth at bar convention, I asked when you were playing the Gorge next and you pulled us aside and talked and took pictures and signed stuff, you are one cool dude, been trying to meet Mike since about 1978, have seen every Halen tour except the last one cause without you it is not Halen. I actually got kicked out of college for going to the 1984 tour in Seattle and skipping midterms (was on probation anyway and have a degree now) but it was worth it. Went to the first tour with Sammy in the band 3 times, Pullman 1st, and then flew to Seattle for 2 nights in a row when you let Ann Wilson up to sing Zep, what a hangover that was, saw the last tour with Mike and Sammy in Spokane and then took my 17 year old daughter to Seattle for the next show to teach her what rock is. I do have a pick of Mikes from the VHIII tour at the Gorge. Joe and Chad are hotter than shit, and this will be cool. WHAT A BAND, OMG. See you guys tonight, can't wait, and to be repetitive, WHAT A BAND, OMG YOU GUYS ARE HOT.

Hey guys, cant wait for the disc, but come on down under. You have to bring this thing to OZ. You guys who have tix for the roadtest are lucky people, who will be able to say, 'I saw their first gig',
Awesome stuff and isnt great to finally to have a great band that it fan friendly and actually appears to look after their supporters, not only with great tunes, but great PR and promo.
Claws up, Chicken foot is in the house!

Did you receive your fan club t-shirt?

Hell yes I'll sign that petition!

Come to Oz - you know you want to...and bring some Cabo to share (I'm down to my last bottle)

hey cammo...where in Oz are you?...we should try and get a listening party together...

Dreams of chickenfoot in oz

That video made me even MORE excited for Sunday's Fillmore show in SF. I know a bunch of my fellow Redheads are going to the Seattle show tonight!! I can't wait to see them myself in three days!!

I will see you there at the Fillmore Cabo Jess !!!! I will be the guy with a hottie on each arm ... hehehe... ok ok , one of the hotties is my wife .. lol! WHAT A GREAT TIME IT WILL BE !!! good friends , beautiful women , little bit to drink , and great music !

Hey Hitman, it's gonna be a rock and roll night for sure! I can't wait!!

I cant believe the time is almost here!!! I heard about this band because I am a Sammy Fan-atic!!! It's been a long time I have been looking forward to this project. I love the website, the updates, the video blogs, magazine covers (GW), etc. We are now only 3 weeks away from the cd, and I am only 3 days away from the SF Fillmore show!!!!! This video has me even more excited (if that was even posible). I've seen Sammy 57 times in concert (I know this 58th show is going to go down as one of the best) I mis the WABOS (Vic, Mona, & David) are a great party band. But this band takes the music to a new level. I cant wait to go to a show and hear all new songs. I am excited to see what RHCP songs Sammy breaks out and Ive never seen Joe live, so with all Sammy talks about the guy saying he is the best, I cant wait to see him on guitar, and see some great solos.
If Chickenfoot reads these comments.... I will see you at the in Best Buy store signing! I am bring my 2 year old daughter to hopefully get a pic with you guys! She will be the youngest person there rocking her Chickenfoot T-shirt! Johnny (aka. Cabojohnny5150)