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New drummer

Who do you think would be a great temporary replacement for Chad when they go on tour next? Personally, I think Abe Laborelli, Jr. from Paul McCartney's band would be great! Or Matt Sorum of Velvet Revolver or James Hetfield of Metallica!

Thank You!!! Thank You!!!! Thank You!!!!

Can't wait till the next Chickenfoot album is cut and available!! Just can't emagine how they will follow up the first album!!!! Keep Rocking guys!!


I bought the chickenfoot cd last summer, blew me away, best rock album put out in years. Recently I bought a record player. You can get them at a few places, I got mine at sears. So I bought the chickenfoot album on vinyl and it totally blew me away again. If you haven't heard chickenfoot on vinyl you don't know what you are missing. Like all records, you can hear a lot of details both vocally and instrumentally that you don't hear on a digital format.

Today Chickenfoot go back into the studio....

to record the greatest music this planet will ever hear!!!
Good Luck Joe, Sammy, Chad and Mike!!!! you guys rule!!!

Get Your Buzz On!

Just bought the DVD, saw it in LA at the Whiskey last year at the premier. Rocked! Met Chad, pic to follow. Looking forward to more of the FOOT. Concert goers looking to hook up to rock, as I pretty much go solo at times.


Trooper/ Redwave!

Back in the Studio

I can't wait..........back in the studio means another album and another tour.
Can't get enough!!!!!!!!!!

Very Solid Performance

Just recently purchased the dvd of chickenfoot..'get your buzz on'.. takes me back to what a true rock band is all about. It brings back the human element that you can have alot fun and rock out. Joe I think even amazed himself (with lots of smiles) while flawlessly ...performing with the veterans, Joe Guitar work is second to none. I`m sure hendrix would have ask joe..." hey Joe, where ya going with that guitar in your hand" .. Sammy is like good wine, he just gets better with age, Chad reminds me of a train conductor on a fast locomotive making sure this band never jumps off the tracks.

There is a god!!!!

I am so happy these guys got together! I love it! Van Halen who?????

Indio Concert RockS!

Wow! happened to catch the indio concert on the 10th - incredible! Best concert we attended since the 70's! What an awesome group of musicians who obviously respected each other, the music, and their audience - totally rocked the house. Hagar's voice is un-f'n-believable!!

all things "afoot

hey everybody out there.gotta confess i am a "newbie to bloggin[can:t belive i left it this long}but what the hell,so here goes.after finding out that these guys were teaming up and that this was going to be a "real" band, and not just a one off album and tour,and after being blown away with the recent live get your buzz on disc,i have been eagerly looking forward to what this band will come up with the uk as i said before its a long way to cabo,and having missed these guys the first time around am definatly gonna make the next haul.and my god we need some cabo in best wishe