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chickenfoot rocks!

Just wanted to drop in and say that I have been a Sammy Hagar fan for years, and yet I love him more with this new group!
Keep up the great work guys! And, can't wait until you go on a nationwide tour, some where closer to Nebraska. Like Denver or Omaha...I will so be there! Keep turning out the great tunes! Love it!

september 11th concert

OMG!Saw Chickenfoot at Lake Tahoe on September 5th 2009**They were so AWESOME!Love seeing Sammy w/ the Wabo's at Harrah's,cuz it's up close & personal,but can't wait to see him w/Chickenfoot again.Sammy is the most phenomenal writer,singer & performer on the planet.I say we nominate him for ROCK CZAR.His music is a gift & it lifts my spirit to a higher realm.Playing w/this band was his best decision ,they too are exceptional musicians.Playing on 9/11--no better date to celebrate.Rock on forever Sammy-LOVE U!

NEW Site ROCKS!!!!!

I just noticed something COOL! The NEW site is already evolving! Check it out! For all you FOOT~Fanatics and Redheads that are already on it, if you haven't had a chance to browse around the place, DO IT! Now, when you go to the REDHEADS tab, on the right of the page you'll see a new feature that shows RECENT ACTIVITY! You can "Favorite" links to pic...tures, blogs, videos AND post yours too!

I honestly do believe we now have something very special! Spread the word and get people to come on and post all their stuff! Let's turn the whole place RED!!!!!! :D


Chickenfoot the greatest rock band of the century

This is as good as life can get. What a great team. Just the ultimate cream of the crop in these days, in this civilization.


I have a dilema. The Chickenfoot show that was just announced on Sept. 11 is on MY BIRTHDAY!! My mom and I want to go, but unfortunately my mom has diabetes and poor eyesight. In order for us to go, I would need to get floor seats. But I'm not in the fan club, so getting floor seats will practically be impossible. If anyone can help me please contact me by e-mail: I don't care about the price as long as it isn't too outragous (say $1000 dollars a ticket). PLEASE HELP!!!

Great chickenfoot song idea

I think you guys should do joe's 'Ride' from his album flying in a blue dream, it's a naaaaasty song and with Sammy's crazy vocals, Micheal's cool bass lines, chad's funky groove I think it'll be a huuuuuge hit!!!! Joe I think you should play it exactly the same and keep the same tone/sound as the original :) That song is perfect for you guys and it'll put the fire up everyone's system!!!
Love you guys, you rock so hard! Joe I think you're the greatest musician the world has to offer to put it simply

Keep Rocking hard and don't ever let anyone bring you down!

Release the Chickens

So, i'm playing my guitar and working out a few things before i do some scratch recoding and then i look up and see my chickenfoot cd and for a brief second i thought wouldn't that be cool if chickenfoot was recording right about now. just kind of sharing the muse. i know it's a silly thought and even sillier to write about it on a website it is.
April is my birthday month and i really do need some new foot please. maybe a double cd? maybe with a drum solo stuck in the middle of the album??

Release the Chickens....

Meeting Joe at Ken Stanton - Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Met Joe at Ken Stanton in Marietta, GA on Saturday & got him to sign my Joe Ibanez JS100 and a caricature I found of him. What a great guy not to mention someone who's done so much for music in general, being an inspiration to all us guitarists. Was always a Joe & Van Halen fan, when this line-up came about, nobody was more stoked. Also thought I was the only one who knew about Aqua Teen Hunger Force, things are just going my way these days. You can't mess with perfection & doing what you love & that's what all 4 of these guys are proof of.

Playin on my station

Got a new job at a new Rock station! the ONLY Chickenfoot song in their playlist is "Oh Yeah"...WELL....I plan on remedying that!!!!

Also, I played "Remember the heroes today...great song in honor of the 1-151st in Minnesota! The boys are on their way home soon. Should be here by Easter hopefully!

Thank you for your music!

You guys ROCK!

Rockin Out till the very end....

Tami Montgomery
Afternoon Radio Announcer
94.1 fm The Loon
Willmar, MN 56201

Hi Guys!!

Ive been following youre bands /projects since the seventies..This one ,chickenfoot ,is the funniest an most relaxing and unpretentious Ive heard in years.and Ive heard lots of music :)

Keep it coming with theese `easy to live by` songs.
My kids & my wife love youre songs to.

Long live rockn roll ,turn it up

and...Dont let the digi-monster eat you ;)