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Just wanted to say KEEP IT UP GUYS!!! EVRY song on your album KICKS ASS! Been a long time Sammy fan and Van Halen fan. and damn JOE JOE!! YOU ARE A GUITAR GOD BUDDY!! Hey guys.. Sammy and Michael both have been to the "Gorge" here in Washington state. I WANNA SEE CHICKENFOOT ROCK THE SHIT OUTA THE GORGE!!!! Peace Guys!!

The discover of Chickenfoot

Hello guys,
i'm writing form New Caledonia, a little French Country in south pacific beside Australia.
In New Caledonia we love rock music especially when it is played by great artists as you.
I can't stop listening you first album, and i'm looking forward to listen to the second one.
You are the best and keep on playing rock music like you do, keep on give us dream.

I like these guys together!

I was in Lake Tahoe back in Sept. of 09 and freaked that chicken foot was coming to town. The concert was everything that I expeted and more. It was cold that night but I didn't give a flying f$%*k cause I knew Sammy and the crew would ROCK Lake Tahoe to the ground!!!! Rock on RED ROCKER (Sammy) and long live Chicken Foot!

Can't Get Enough!

I have always been a Sammy Hagar fan!!! But this band, the mix of musicians is THE BEST I can't get enough! My family is going crazy cuz that is all I listen to! On the computer, my iHome, in my car, iPod for the last month.................Please come on tour SoCal Baby!!!!!!!!! Sammy Please!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Cannady
SoCal Fan!!!!!!!!

Chicken Fried man!!!

This Band smokes, Iv'e been a fan of Sammy's since the first Montrose album ( I guess you know how old I am ) but that doesn't matter, the point is that all of you have what only some of us can keep hoping for and thats a chemistry like you have to create a great sound!


hope you all enjoy the pics i took,
i just want to share all my experience's of the london sheperds bush show, with all the chickenheads of the world ,hope sammy, mike, joe and chad get to see them that would be so cool, what an amazing night it was i really hope they return with another album to rock our world.

Thanks for a wonderful year!

Wow, what a year 2009 was. I will always remember this year as the year the Foot came down! That new '09 video is awesome guys! Thanks to Chad, Joe, Sammy, and Mike for giving us crazy fans a hell of a year. Thanks to Andy for completing this, and thanks to all of the awesome fans who made each of my 7 shows better than the previous. And thanks to the website administrators for keeping us anxious fans in the loop!


Have you ever driven a very powerfull car? That is the sensation I get from this band. Your tooling casually along, and punch it just a little, or your sitting at the light, and you rev your engine a couple of times..
There is that roar-that power. Even when they aren't kicking ass, The talent, creativity, the incredible capability of this band is there. The last band I got this excited about was BECK BOGERT & APPICE!


What a GREAT Video, guys. I really needed some extra smiles to help my Christmas this year and that helped. Thanks for continuing to keep us entertained and intrigued, as always!! Can't wait to hear some new tunes from the one and only CHICKENFOOT! We were there in Vegas on Superbowl Sunday when this all got started and haven't missed a show within 300 miles of us since.

Chad, no doubt it won't take long to get a count on how many times you broke your set down. I have a few pictures from both So Cal shows.

Personal Thanks to Sammy, Joe, Mike, & Chad

I was one of the attendees at the Chickenfoot meet-and-greet in Vegas. The soundcheck and concert of course were tremendous, but meeting the band was an absolute thrill. On top of that, the guys were gracious enough to sign an Ibanez JS20 for me at the session. I have a house, a couple of cars, my own business, etc. – but the signed guitar is ABSOLUTELY the greatest thing I own. (Now I have only to convince the spouse that it should be hung in the Living Room.) Thanks to everyone involved, especially Sammy, Joe, Mike, and Chad.